27 December 2006

Deju vu all over again . . .

So, last week, as a result of the blizzard in Denver, hundreds of thousands of holiday travelers were stuck, due to cancelled flights in, out and through DIA. My brother was one of them. He was scheduled to leave Wednesday morning. Cancelled. A new Friday morning flight. Cancelled. Finally, he got a flight for Christmas eve night. Oakland -> Las Vegas -> Denver.

He got here, we had a lovely Christmas, and Will had even changed his return ticket to stay a few extra days in Denver, since he got in so much later than anticipated.

Well. Dad walks in from work, and he has some news. On both the Frontier and United websites (not to mention the weather channel site), there is another winter storm brewing for the Denver Metro area, including (of course) the airport. And, they are suggesting folks get out of town tonight or Thursday morning. Not (of course) Friday, when Will has a ticket. He might get stuck again.

Alas. He has tickets to the Orange Bowl in Miami for Jan. 2. We are trying to get him there!

Denver snowstorm travel advisory
United is currently monitoring a winter storm in the Denver area that may impact future travel. A travel waiver has been issued to enable customers flying in and out of Denver today through Saturday to change their travel plans.
Travel tips:
We encourage all customers flying in, out or through Denver on Thursday and Friday to consider departing Wednesday evening or Thursday morning.
If you would like to change your travel plans, consider taking advantage of United’s travel waiver that is in place through December 30, 2006, by contacting your travel agent, united.com or United reservations.
United’s lobby at DIA will open at 2:00 am on Thursday to accommodate a higher volume of customers.
Check your flight status before heading to the airport.
Check in for your flight
with EasyCheck-in Online then use united.com BagCheck at the airport.
Please review the ticket waiver information below for a full list of travel

11 December 2006


List of v.cool things from this afternoon and evening (in random order):

Guitar Hero II for PS2
Lego Star Wars II for PS2
Green Apple Books
Wacky artist/musician types
Throat Coat tea
Banana cake with Bittersweet Chocolate Icing
Ninjas (and Pirates)
Italian Slang
Christmas decorations
New friends
Old friends
Bad jokes
Good books

and last - but not least - being able to finally? fall asleep...

*not quite a real word, but I vote to start using it in my everyday vocabulary, nonetheless

29 November 2006

of course . . .

I have a love/hate relationship with the Fedex/Kinko's store closest to my house.

I Love it because:
They have scanners
They have color copiers
They have pretty holiday paper
They are open late
They are open early
They are really close to my house

I hate it because:
Unfriendly people
Copier Jams
Expensive if you need to use the computer to print something off
Murphy's Law of Kinkos - something goes wrong every time I go there.

Yesterday was time for my semi-annual trip to Kinko's. By the time 6-months have come and gone, I usually have forgotten - or buried - my previous traumatic experiences at said copy establishment. So, full of holiday cheer (I was going to print some Christmas letters on pretty paper), I headed out. I *even* found my copy card from 6 months ago!

I get there. And wait. And wait. There was ONE other customer. And TWO staff members.
And it stilllll took me 20 minutes to actually purchase the pretty paper from them. WTF? So, I just opened up my packages and started printing on the paper, and finally one of them asked me if I needed something...um, yhello?

I got about 1/4 done copying, when we had a paper jam. Well, I've spent a good 1/40th of my life unjamming copiers, so no problem. Fixed! Immediately after pressing 'start' again, it jams. I tell the Kinko's lady that this is jam #2 (Wastes 4 sheets of pretty paper each time!). She fixes it.
Press start. Jam. Open to unjam. Bend back thumbnail all the way. Ouch.

Switch copiers. Resume copying.

Leave. Sigh of relief.

Go home, attend to now bleeding thumb.

So, here's looking forward to . . . about next June, when I shall (I'm sure) have more tales from the Kinko's . . .

11 November 2006


so, i don't know about this blogger beta thing yet, hmmmm we'll see how it goes..

anyways. i'm working on a (non-blogging) website - compiling all my materials to make a site for my (semi?)professional singing life.

so, stay tuned. it'll take me a little bit to get it together, but the nice folks over at Voxpage1 are making it possible!

21 October 2006

vegas, baby! part the second

1. Eating - inside - at the Venetian.

2. John Travolta over our bathtub!

3. Glass ceiling art in the Bellagio.

4. Oh yeah, and I won, too!

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12 October 2006

vegas, baby

after a truly hellacious day*I am packed and ready to go to Vegas early tomorrow morning. It's my mom's 60th bday, and we are all meeting up in the crazy city for celebrating. I'm just looking forward to a mini-break and family time. and cirque du soleil...


*my thanks to AZ, my brother and sha-na-na-na for helping to keep me sane

08 October 2006

weird weekend

i was so looking foward to this weekend, because there is a TON of stuff going on in SF right now (Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, Fleet Week, Italian Heritage Parade, SF Opera Simulcast . . . the list goes on and on).

Instead, I've been not well....but I've no idea what's wrong with me.

I got home Friday afterwork and was so achy/fever-ish feeling, I passed out on the couch fully clothed (including shoes). My wonderful sibling was so kind as to bring me a thermometer & lots of gatorade from the grocery store. At first I thought it might have been related to the tetanus booster I got on Thursday, but after talking to the doc at UCSF, that shouldn't be the cause of my illness.

Saturday morning I slept - still low grade fever - and attempted to make it to my voice lesson in Oakland. I got as far as my car, sat in it for 5 minutes, then got out and went back inside to bed. I spend all day there, until last night when I was determined NOT to miss my Berkeley Opera audition (my throat is fine...it's the rest of my body that's rebelling right now).

The audition went well enough that I have a callback this afternoon. I'm no longer feeling fevered, really, but my stomach kind of hurts. I don't know what's wrong with me! ack! I know I can sometimes be a hypochondriac...but not all of the time.

I'll try and get an appointment for tomorrow, I guess.

05 October 2006

Lightning fast

Oh my gosh . . ! It's that time of year again!

In our newly renovated office space, I now have a view, which means I don't have to run into my bosses office to watch those fabulous Blue Angels zoom over Alcatraz.


04 October 2006

Gmail - RE: what was that song? help!

Lily over at the XM radio Watercolors station...she is my hero!

And this is why:

02 October 2006

family files, part 549

Newly added to the vault:

My father is a good man - generous, patient, wise, loving - and pretty much impossible to shop for. (Sorry 'bout that dangling preposition, there...)

Sure, he collects certain things - keychains, postcards, model airplanes & vintage Delta Airlines swag. But, to truly get him something out-of-the-ordinary...something he *really* would like...therein lies the difficulty.

Cue today. I was on the phone with my mom, when dad suddenly pops in and excitedly picks up the phone. He has found something he wants for Christmas (that is not the usual socks or dark chocolate he loves so much). Newishly possesed of XM radio in his vehicle, he has discovered their "Smooth Jazz" station, channel #71 aka 'Watercolors'.
He says to me, "Hey, Miss Priss, I know what I want for Christmas, but it will take some mystery-solving on your part. I heard a song I LOVED on Watercolors, once today and once back in July, and I would love that album if you can find it. It's piano mostly, maybe a little orchestra and sometimes a choir...it's O Happy Day. With a rocketing piano. I don't know what it's called or who sings it or anything, but they played it today around 5:20pm."

He hhehehehe...it just made me laugh, because my dad is pretty easy to please, and when he mentions something so specific as this, well, it's fun. I've commenced my research, signed up for my free 3-day xm trial and have written the Watercolors' DJ with my question. Hopefully I'll get a reply!

22 September 2006


I've not blogged in a while.
I've been trying my best to bask in the glow of my vacation . . .
holding on to the feel of unwindingness in mind, body and spirit.
Looking forward to the SF Greek Festival!

Since I've been back many things have happened in the lives of people I love:

new birth
near deaths
not being able to move
getting hired . . . or not
falling in (and out) of love
reuniting with old friends
making new ones

13 September 2006

Wish you were here . . . .

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02 September 2006


if you need me, i'll be on vacation.....


back in 10 days!!!!!!

19 August 2006

Mental pictures

I saw many fun things in my adventures (thus far) today:

SEEN: Older looking-college student (male) bend down to tie his shoelace adjust his velcro shoes.

SEEN: Cars not stopping for red lights - in Bayview, natch. wtf? (I got lost this afternoon)

SEEN: The bay in a beatiful light, while listening to awesome music, dancing and chillin' at The Ramp in China Basin (which is NOT, conveniently enough, located anywhere near Bayview).

SEEN: Woman trying to sneak 7 items into the 6-item-limit dressing room.

SEEN: Movie makers...? A band...? Some random group of quasi-famous hipsters at Cafe lo Cubano.

SEEN: Lawrence & Michael. My fabulously tall and professional dance buddies for the afternoon! yay!

SEEN: Fog.

SEEN: A fabulous red and tan leather bag. Which I left on the shelf. (Thank goodness I didn't have my wallet with me!)

SEEN: Panchito freaking out, and running into the side of his fishbowl. (I promise to post a picture of him asap).

(To be) SEEN: Jaime, Vira and friends tonight for Vira's birthday! yay!

15 August 2006


I have a new pet Beta Betta fish! My friend J gave him to me as a late birthday gift. Such a whimsical and fun gift. Love it!

His name: Pancho Pescado. He's so cute and reddish in color. I shall post a picture soon.

I just hope I can manage to keep him alive for a while! I haven't had a pet fish - heck a pet anything - probably since middle school!

13 August 2006

30.96647% Geek

From Jen . . . take the Geek Test. It's great fun :)

10 August 2006

Songs in the key of . . . meme

Reply and I'll give you a letter, and you have to find five songs that start with that letter and post them to your journal. (taken from mathjedi)

1. "Pa' Bravo Yo" (Pupy Santiago): This song is on the first salsa CD I ever owned - bought my junior year of high school (I had to buy a replacement last year). That CD was a big milestone for me...my introduction to what is now some of my favorite music and dance styles.

2. Pink Panther theme (Henry Mancini): What can I say? . . . that sexy, fun saxophone theme is just contagious. And who doesn't love the Pink Panther??

3. PYT (Michael Jackson): Pretty Young Thing! It's a great dance and karaoke song...classic MJ!

4. Pretty Woman (Roy Orbison): Great song and flick. Just a feel good song, always a crowd pleaser. Makes me happy! I love hearing this song when I'm driving.

5. Put Your Head on my Shoulder (Paul Anka): I went through a huge oldies phase growing up - I had this whole set of cassettes I wore down - and I've just always loved this song. It's so sweet and romantic and good for dancing. The recent cover by Michael Buble' is fun, too.

07 August 2006

Overheard: backstage edition**

-"Yeah, me and my brother were both born with four nipples! Wanna see my extra two?"

-"Ooh, you have four nipples? I just have the one extra, see?"

-"My husband is the [great?] grandson of China's last warlord. He killed a lot of people [as a warlord]."

-"I have always wanted to smush a cream pie in someone's face."

-"We'll put her puke-bucket off stage right, just in case."

-"mmmm. braiiinnnnssss."

-"We made good decisions as to which people we put in the tight pants. I've had lots of thank you's from the audience."

-"Time to tie me up, old man."

**You just can't make this stuff up, people. Truth is better (and funnier, and stranger) than fiction . . .

31 July 2006

Steamin' hot cup of Hoffee

Watch this and laugh your arse off . . . !!!!

Small print I have to include: That's right, it's Hofficial... your favourite cult icon wants to take you home! The one and only David Hasselhoff of "Bay Watch" and "Knight Rider" fame returns with a cover of the 1975 classic 'Jump In My Car' and its a doozy. Recorded in Sydney last year with the legendary Harry Vanda (AC/DC, The Angels), the Ted Mulry Gang tune has been re-vamped with full Hoff gusto and this music video promises to rock the socks off all his Hofficial fans. Watch it, enjoy it, share it on Google Video, courtesy of Sony BMG Australia.

Want more? Buy the buy the track on iTunes Australia by clicking here:


30 July 2006

48 hours

I am - once again - in that odd place of wired and tired poat-show, but I think I'll be able to sleep in an hour. yay!

4 shows in 48 hours...that is a crazy schedule. After Friday night's show, a handful of us headed out to the St. Regis (conveniently across the street from the theater) for a drink and some laughs (and little wasabi peanuts!). Tonight, though, after two shows...I think we were all wiped and just went home. But tomorrow...post matinee, AH there is a cast party! I'm hoping to go to dinner with my parents and then go to the party.

I'm so grateful that they came out to see the show, along with my aunt. I feel bad because I've barely seen them at all this weekend (and AF leaves tomorrow afternoon), but there wasn't any way around that. Mom's coming in the morning to cook brunch(!) I'm so happy!

For some reason, something made me think about my grandmother earlier tonight backstage (Nana, mom and AF's mother). There are times when I really miss her. I think she would've loved Ruddygore. . . she knew how have a good laugh, that one...

26 July 2006


neck is doing better, thank goodness. went to the chiropractor for some adjustments which helped a ton. that and frozen peas.

i am exhausted. i'm still in ''performance'' mode (read: 1am bedtime) despite the fact that I have to get up to work every morning. so, tonight i'm going to attempt to sleep at a reasonable hour, and I think I just might actually be able to do so.

my folks and aunt come in late tomorrow to see the show this weekend. i am so looking forward to performing again this weekend that I get all fluttery inside just thinking about it. it's been a long time since i've felt like this about singing, i think.

i've also done about 5 crosswords today...the SF chronicle and then about 4 nyt's online. (I subscribed to the crossword puzzles for a year, and am working my way through some archived puzzles). I'm working my way up through this weeks, but then have been doing Monday and Tuesday archived puzzles...you know, getting my chops up slowly to start working on Sunday puzzles.

i'm a dork, i know. but it's SO fun...it's some of the only time i have to myself, it seems. which is nice.

oh...we did get a review by SFCV. I'm not personally mentioned (doh!), but it was a very nice review indeed! I am yheppy :)

okay - time to change the laundry.

23 July 2006


I am sitting on my couch - heating pad on my neck (sore from passing out dead-tired last night and sleeping on it crooked) - I am *just* about off my post-performance adrenaline high. It pretty much takes a solid two-hours to come down off that high. I've been averaging 1am bed time this week.

All that to say -

I am having SO much freaking fun. Working with this company has been such a blessing in many ways - it really is a big family. Amazing director, conductor, A/D, stage manager, cast, crew...I mean, it really does seem a case of the "trickle down" theory: integrity at the top flowing all the way down the chain of command, and into the cast.

I have learned (and am still learning) so much each time we go on. I get to share the stage with people who have been acting and performing for years together, and I feel like a giant sponge soaking it all up.

And, there are the little things, too, like seeing our big poster at the YBCA and getting to go in the "stage door". I feel special! But one of the best things? In the program there is a little asterisk *, denoting my debut! It's such a tiny thing, but it's cool :)

And, I love that we go out in the lobby - still in costume - to greet the audience afterwards...it's a neat tradition.

ah. well, i should get to bed soon, if I can. For tomorrow is a matinee!

19 July 2006


it's been a crazy month. any of you living within a 5 mile radius of me know that!

things, though, are starting to settle down, a little.

we were 5 people in our apartment, which just meant bodies and stuff everywhere. however, one moved out last week, one moved this week, and - we think - the last will move by August 1. If he finds a place. then, sibling can move IN to a room, and off the couch, and we will be able to create some semblance of order.

Ruddygore opens this week. I am SO excited. Click the link and buy tickets for SF or Walnut Creek - it's a freakin' hilarious show. We had our tech rehearsal tonight (first time at the Yerba Buena Center theater) and oooohhh I can't wait!

my name is on the dressing room door (albeit on construction paper) and everything!!!!!! V. exciting. my only concern is the wig situation - haven't quite decided if they want to wig me or not. ack. i'm trying not to 'wig' out about it...hahahahhahahahaaha. ha. well, i hate putting those things off until the last minute.

so. three weekends of shows.

work - we moved. there are still things wrong. pieces of molding hung upside down; no switch to control the garbage disposal; lack of electricty to some outlets. you know. those things which should've been done weeks ago. argh.

on turning 27 last week - hmm. well, i don't really feel all that much different from 26, so far. i'm having an extended birthday month, i think. i don't quite know what that entails, yet. probably dancing of some sort! thanks to all the kind bday calls/emails and such...they were very much appreciated :)

anywho...now i am tired. i think i'll go to bed now - i'm finally winding down enough, i think, to do so.


03 July 2006


I have fallen off the blogosphere as of late....probably because I've not known quite what to do with myself. I've gone from the depths of despair to the thrills of triumph in 24 hours and back and forth again and again.

It is an odd thing when someone you work with dies. I spend most of my time with my coworkers (as probably do 90% of anyone who works). I see them more often than my family, more often than some friends, and certainly more often then my roommates (!). And yet, it is an odd combination of impersonal and personal worlds. I saw AH everyday, we would chat, discuss music or art or weekend plans. I knew the sound of her footfalls, what she liked to drink in the mornings, how she answered the phone or dealt with a sudden crisis. And yet . . . I never met her husband, didn't know what her college major was, or even her favorite color. But still, I feel uprooted and helpless and insignificant - unable to change the past, I try to focus on the present - and that leaves me tender and raw of soul. Feelings of selfishness creep in . . . who am I to feel thusly grieved? I am not a family member, not a close friend or confidante. But I still feel. I feel for her husband, her family. They were trying to start a family of their own, and now that opportunity will never be had. I feel for her friends and students - the people on whom she had so much impact during her brief terrestial stay. Hundreds of lives touched and changed because of her time here. And for that, I am thankful.

27 June 2006

Allez les bleus....

Imagine my surprised pleasure when I realised this morning that Il Fornaio (just around the corner) is indeed showing the world cup matches at their bar....(!)

I will go there and watch the second half of France vs. Spain (it is tied up 1-1 at the half).

I am totallllllly obsessed. But I've mentioned that........

26 June 2006

Forza Azzurri!

oooh!!!! I went to North Beach this morning to catch the first half of the Italy-Australia match...it was exciting!! Most of the caffes were buzzing with fans. I sat outside at Panta Rei - they have a huge flatscreen set up, so that you can sit on the sidewalk and see it through their glass front! To be there with everyone, cheering for gli Azzurri (with the exception of a handful of yellow aussie fans)....the first half was scoreless, and then I had to leave for work (!) BUT, praise the Lord for internet, because I was able to track the game from work.

Italy won in the very last minute with a penalty kick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

France plays Spain at noon tomorrow....I'm going to try and watch part of that game at Cafe de la Presse again...that was too much fun last week!!!!

I. am. totally. addicted.!!!!!!!!!!!

17 June 2006

Interview from AZ

1. Is there a book that personifies your life? I recently read The Alchemist, and that really resonated with me. I don't know that it 'personifies' my life, so to speak, but I felt that book deep down.

2. If you were offered an amazing singing opportunity with a vibrant music community in France would you take it, knowing your friends and family would be in the U.S.?
Yes. I think I would. My only hesitancy is that I don't think the style of French living would be condusive for me to be a great singer (wine, late nights, smoke) etc....it would be REAL easy for me to just live there, though!

3. Which opera character do you think would be the hardest to play?
hmmm hardest to play? technically speaking, so many people say Adalgisa from norma--that it's just a killer role to sing. For me, from a characterization/acting standpoint.... right now it would be Dahlila from 'samson et dahlila." I'm so used to being the comic relief, or the old maid aunt/maid/nurse, that to play a character so overtly sensual and seductive would be a challenging shift. But MAN i love her arias and would love to sing her one day.

4. Do you consider yourself more of a risk-taker or someone who plays it safe? oooh. hmmm. I tend to be more cautious - but, as I age, I've found that i take a few more risks than i did while growing up, because I don't really care as much what people think of me. I'm still learning, though, to take more risks on stage as an actor/singer - which then carries over some into real life and vice versa.

5. What do you hope your life looks like in 10 years? Be specific.
In 10 years, I would be almost 37...hmmmmm.
I hope to be singing in some capacity - but not stressed out by all the political crap surrounding the singing world
I hope to be married
I hope to have lived abroad (again) for some significant length of time
I hope to still have both my parents around
I hope to have paid off my student loans (!)
I hope to speak more languages
I hope to have learned how to play some percussive instruments

--Maybe what I should be hoping for is *focus* lolll...the above list is kinda all over the place...***

THE GUIDELINES: 1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me." However, If that is all you leave in your comment I will completely ignore you when it comes to interview time. 2. I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions. 3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions. 4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post. 5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

16 June 2006

been a long time.....

been a long time been a long time been a long lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely time.......

(sorry, had one of my 'human jukebox' moments...name that tune anyone?)

what i WAS thinking was, it's been a while since the last post. i've been busy. had a show (went really well) and mom was visiting and now i have a scant few minutes.

i owe az my interview post - that is forthcoming.

i miss salsa - anyone up for dancing??

i read an article (well, okay, i skimmed it) in the chronicle today about how TB is spread. Apparently, it is still alive and kicking in SF. It is can be spread by: sneezing, coughing, spitting, and SINGING.

I never thought about that singing one before, but it makes sense. And, music dork that i am....
it gives a whole new meaning to the end of La Traviata. Violetta is dying of TB, but apparently gets well enough to sing a glorious high C....and then *Splat* she falls over dead. magnificent.

tomorrow: USA vs. Italy. Call me a bad American, but I'll be cheering for gli azzurri....

31 May 2006


the last month has been a whirlwind of activity.

i went from a peformance weekend

to a wedding weekend (in minnesota)

to memorial day weekend (in colorado)

and back to sf, finally.

it's been a wonderful time, though. I got to reconnect with some dear women from college - this particular group of the four of us had not all been together since we graduated in 2001. BB got married and both mer and reagan were there to celebrate the occaison. It was a beautiful weekend, somewhat tinged with tears (both BB and Mer's fathers have passed away), but full of love and joy, as well. It made my heart glad to spend time with these folks, as we are now spread out all over the country.

this weekend, memorial day, my brother and i both went home for dad's 60th birthday. it was a tremendous occasion! mom and aunt f had enough food in the house to feed an army - and we did - for three days. We were all up in Grand Lake, CO, and there were at least 20 folks over at the house eating at any given time. As for the actual event (Saturday afternoon and evening), we probably had 60 people! Family and close friends all came up to wish my dad (and his twin sister!) happy birthday. this was more time spent with special people, whom I don't see very often.

I'll post up pictures of the "chocolate decadence" (the bday theme...)

17 May 2006

the great streaky wonder

so, in an attempt to give myself a nice fake tan thanks to neutrogena last night, this morning i woke up to a few steaky places (of course)...but in reality, not so bad! just comical right now.

that will all be fixed, though. am going to the bay club (we get free passes!) for a spray tan...yay. i forgot that had that there until i showed allison my streaky arm today and she fell out laughing and asked me 'why the hell didn't you just go downstairs to the bay club?' ummm....

now i won't look like a total striped-freak at bb's wedding :P

speaking of weddings, i got an invitation in the mail for yet ANOTHER wedding...you smu-er's out there: Cindy lou is tying the knot in June.

*another one bites the dust*
heee :)

14 May 2006


I think last nights' performance went well. There was a rumor that there were reviewers there on Friday night, so who knows? Maybe someone will have something good to say about my singing about the productions.

After the show last night, there was a cast party (only until 12:30 - our hosts had to get up early this morning). I was one of the first to arrive at the party, but I accidentally went to the neighbors house first. With all of my stage make-up on, and my hair all wacky from the pin curls. He was like "You are at the WRONG house". whoops!

I only stayed until 12, then came home and crashed until 10 this morning. I have two rehearsals today, one each for my coming gigs. May is going to be a crazy month! I'm going to Minnesota on Friday, get home Sunday; then leave the following Thursday for Colorado for 6 days.

Crazy times, but fun!

13 May 2006

Sister Christian

Greetings! Oh, this is just a preview of the nunsense to come . . . Posted by Picasa

12 May 2006

twist my arm, whay don'tcha

AZ and I are going to cruise the Greek Isles in September, in celebration of AZ's 30th bday this year! I am soooooooo excited.

We depart from Trieste, Italy and our ports of call include Ancona (It.); Myconos; Santorini; Corfu; Athens; Dubrovnic (Croatia) and return to Trieste.

I get a phone call yesterday saying that, unfortunately, due to a change in schedule, Costa Cruises cannot get us on a flight back to SFO the day we arrive back in Italy at the end of our cruise. However, Costa is pleased to provide hotel accomodations and transportation for an extra night's stay. In Venice. If that is not a problem for us, of course.

so, what you're saying is we get an extra night of our vacation. for free. in one of the most beautiful cities in the world???

!!!!!!!!!!!! um, YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

10 May 2006

Sign of the apocalypse

(I meant to post this two days ago, but was interrupted by The Rant)

Heard on the radio Monday Morning:

"Kelsey Grammer to appear as THE ANGEL OF DEATH on Nbc's show The Medium."


Does that strike anyone else as just being hilariously wrong??!

08 May 2006

ARGH rant alert

i need to go to bed, i'm exhausted, but i just need to vent first. i'm soooo freaking pissed off..well, more like just highly annoyed and frustrated (yeah well, probably combined with pms..NOT a good thing)

ack ac afj uifew ;ofjk,uiher ;owh;03

was just fine and ducky except for the fact that
a) our director is completely nuts
b) because she wants us ALL to like, magically get new shoes? what? i don't think so...not the WEEK of the performance...try giving us a month leeway eh?

ALSO what the HELL are you doing charging freaking 70 bucks a ticket to get in? dude. your company is NOT an alist company...you can't charge that much, especially for two shows which aren't really well known, and are a 'hard sell'......you wonder why you've only sold 25% of the house (25% of 2,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!) baaaad news bears.

not that i really care, except for the fact that i do have a signed contract. and, no, i did not get into opera for the paycheck...lmao. that's hilarious. but, it's the principle of it all.

DON'T call your leads in for an extra, random staging rehearsal and then turn it into voice lessons. i'm sorry...but helllll no. that is SO unprofessional. i'm not an ego maniac about my voice, but, believe you me i am quite aware of what I can and cannot do at this point in my vocal life. this might feed *your* ego to tweak us and give out little quick crutches, but it ultimately does nothing, but make your singers feel insecure and shitty. IF you're concerned about voices carrying in a large hall, hire singers with better technique, NOT 'chorus' singers. duh.

ugly ugly ugly post is what this is, but i just cannot help it, i am almost at my breaking point with these people. and, they are all actually quite nice people, they just have NO idea what the *&#$! they are doing. ack ack akc akc akc alk fjlkj

07 May 2006

a couple of you can appreciate

that I am reading this book, Duende, and on one of the first few pages is this:

"Don't worry, be khappy."

Spelled. Just. Like. That.

Me gusta!

05 May 2006

je ne chanterai jamais charlotte, mais......

bon..j'ai promis a moi-meme et aussi a lui que je n'ecrirai pas ici sur les choses qui sont pasees entre nous. alors...je dis seulement, (et bien en francias, il ny'en a pas bcp de gens que lisent ce blog qui le parle..donc...ca va ....)
mais comme j'etais entrain de dire...ouais je suis triste..mais surtout parce que avant cette heure,,,,vraiment je n'avias pas eu temps de reflechir sur tous ces choses. la journee, je travaille, et le soir je fais des repetitions. et, hier...ctait horrible, bien sur....tres dur de faire tous que je devais faire. et maintenant, jsuis seule dans ma chambre...il nya pas de bruit...tout est tranquille....et je me trouve la...pour la premiere fois les pleures se tombent. et je sais que tout se passera, mais a ce moment ... c necessaire...et, comme example..les fameux mots de Charlotte, dans l'opera Werther: "va! laisse couler mes larmes....elles font du bien, ma cherie. les larmes qu'on ne pleure pas, dans notre ame retombent, toute. et de leurs patientes goutes, martelent le coeur, triste et las. sa resistance, enfin s'epuise. le coeur se creuse et s'affaiblit. il est trop grand, rien ne s'emplit...et trop fragile tout le brise....tout le brise."

mais. heureusement je n'ai pas de repetitions ce weekend. je peux seulement "etre". toute seule....mais, pas vraiment toute seule. il ya toujours Dieu qui m'aider...Dieu qui me reponds, qui m'embracer, qui comprends tout ce qu'il est necessaire. et bien. tout se passera.....

04 May 2006


Praise the Lord - I am not 13 anymore. Too much drama.

And yet, being an adult sucks sometimes, you know?

That is all. Talk amoungst yourselves...

01 May 2006

Wheel in the sky keeps on turning

The title has nothing to do with this post, other than that's the song currently stuck in my head. Don't ask.

It's been a good weekend, but Monday morning - as they are apt to do - came too quickly.

Friday we had the first orchestra rehearsal and the players, they sound great.

Saturday morning, AZ and I had planned on going to the Ferry Building farmer's market, and taking a good walk along the Embarcadero. Cold and cloudy weather, however, kept us from doing this. So, we went to the YMCA, instead. Followed by a quick trip to TJ's. I was home by 11! Feeling so accomplished!

The rest of the afternoon was spent baking brownies for ty's bday; talking to Sandra - who was going to drive up from LA for the weekend; and resting up a little for the party that night. Sandra and Dennis arrived about the same time, as did Ryan and his ..."friend" L...and Ty and his two friends...a houseful of people!

Had dinner at Magnolia (very tasty and good beer - they make their own!) followed by Karaoke madness at the Do Re Mi. At one point, I think we had about 25 people crammed into the VIP room (for 18). But we weren't charged the extra person fee, I think because we started late (not our fault, we were there early!!). It was three hours of loud singing and wacky videos into the wee hours of the morning. Fun but come 2am, I was exhausted. I had been expecting a house full of people (8) to be spending the night, which would have been *tricky*, at best, but we ended up with only 4 of us. Not including my roommate.

Sunday was kinda brutal. Not bad, but, considering the night before, just brutal. Woke up around 9, had breakfast with everyone. Had to be in Marin for 12:15 costume fitting and rehearsal at 1pm. Well, the costume lady arrived at 12:45. The director's car broke down, and she never showed. The conductor arrived around 2. We *started* rehearsal at 3:15. I wasn't too happy about that. Alas. Once we started it was good. But until then, just a big waste of time.

I left Marin and had just enough time to run home, grab some drinks and head to AZ's house for dinner/house concert. Folk singer Miranda and sitar player Chris were the main event. And they were awesome. Sipping hot chai, sinking into the couch and listening to music. That's an evening well spent. Exhausted as I was, I drifed a little in-and-out . . .

Got home, wanted to fall asleep with my shoes on, but had the sense not to do that. Spoke to Dman and found out that he may or may not have seriously injured his wrist in a bicylce-related fall. Ack. The perils of not having insurance rear their ugly head. It sucks. Hopefully, it's not serious enough to warrant a trip to the ER later on today.

I fell asleep and dreamt that a golf-ball sized brown widow spider was crawling over me and settled on top of my right eyeball. It was horrible. And I couldn't move it away, or else it would bite and kill me.

Will tells me that people dream of spiders when they are stressed out.

27 April 2006

it's always been my favorite ride at disney world

I stopped at the shell station on my way home from work today, where I traded in an arm and a leg for a tank of gas. I decided to run in and get a bottle of water (spring has sprung here in sf!) and went to pay.

The guy working at the station, Selvin, looked familiar. And, I realized, he was from Cafe Cocomo. I remember meeting him about a year or so ago there, and we'd danced a few times, and he'd asked for my number, but, I wasn't interested, and finally he was contented to receive an email address from me. I ran into him other times at Cafe Cocomo and we would dance a time or two. He is much shorter than me (what? i'm shocked....) but very sweet, and quite a good leader. It wa just really funny to run into him today - in a neighborhood where neither one of us lives, just out of the lights and flash of the club, and in our normal, daily routine.

It really is a small world, afterall.

24 April 2006

even more interesting

You scored as Republican. <'Imunimaginative's Deviantart Page'>

















What Political Party Do Your Beliefs Put You In?
created with QuizFarm.com


You scored as Evangelical Holiness/Wesleyan. You are an evangelical in the Wesleyan tradition. You believe that God's grace enables you to choose to believe in him, even though you yourself are totally depraved. The gift of the Holy Spirit gives you assurance of your salvation, and he also enables you to live the life of obedience to which God has called us. You are influenced heavly by John Wesley and the Methodists.

Evangelical Holiness/Wesleyan






Neo orthodox




Classical Liberal


Reformed Evangelical


Roman Catholic


Modern Liberal


What's your theological worldview?
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What, me?

I have to admit, I guess, that some of the tree hugging hippy-ness of San Francisco and the greater bay area has rubbed off on me a little bit.

I'm going to the Goldman Environmental Prize awards ceremony after work today. I went last year, and it is freaking awesome. Yay!

20 April 2006


it's the last ten seven minutes of the workday, and I am falling asleep at my desk...struggling to keep with it. And the day is far from over. ack! oh well, i'll get my second wind long about 7:30 ish....!

18 April 2006

red letter day

it's been a gooood day.

will got a job today. and not just any "my-first-year-out-of-school-just-give-me-something-to-freaking-pay-the-bills" job.

but a gooood job. he officially starts work at the british consulate on monday.

i'm so proud!!!

16 April 2006

Elvis said it best

Don't you...step on my bluuuueee suede shoes.

Well, they're not really suede, but you get the point... Posted by Picasa

08 April 2006

Birthdate meme

...from mathjedi.

The original meme was to look up your birthdate at Wikipedia (minus the date) and list two events which happened on said day in history, two folks who were born and one who died.

However, I couldn't just limit myself to those parameters...so I had to pick a couple more.


1346 Charles IV of Luxembourg elected emperor of the Holy Roman Emperor
1789 Jacques Necker dismissed as Finance Minister for France for sparking the storming of the Bastille
1848 The Waterloo railway station in London opens
1859 "A Tale of Two Cities" by Charles Dickens is published
1940 WWII: Vichy France regime formally established

1274 Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland
1925 Nicolai Gedda, Swedish Tenor
1934 Giorgio Armani, Italian fashion designer
1959 Richie Sambora, American guitarist (Bon Jovi)
1975 Lil' Kim, Rapper

1688 Narai, king of Siam
1937 George Gershwin, American composer
1989 Sir Laurence Olivier, English actor

---Free slurpees at 7-11 (most locations!)---

06 April 2006

Tag, You're it!

Ok so the rules are, once you've been tagged, you have to write a blog with 6 weird facts/things/habits about yourself. At the end you need to pick 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says " you've been tagged" & tell them to read your blog.

AZ tagged me!

1. I do a great chicken impression. The Opera Chicken, we'll call her.

2. I don't speak much Spanish yet, but I CAN speak it with a Scots accent.

3. I used to play trombone in a jazz band.

4. I really love old people. They make me smile.

5. At work, my paperclips are obsessively divided and kept in separate containers: one for the small ones; one for the large ones; and a tin for the binder clips. I can't work if they are mixed in together.

6. I am in love with all things related to The Godfather.

TAGGING: Dennis, Sally, Jessica, Kenny O, Chris, and Sarah.

arse-kickers (as the brits might say . . . )

Seems that Ryan and I are notorious for getting strange boxes in the mail at our place. For example, Mom sent a vaccuum cleaner once (heavy!) and Ryan gets a beer-of-the-month case (Christmas present from his sister). Our building manager thinks we're nuts, I'm sure, as he's the one collecting the packages for us (and showing his ID for the beer each month).

Yesterday was no different.

Two boxes: one a small, outdoor George Foreman electric grill. (Said building manager: "You're mom didn't actually send you a grill in the mail did she?") and a bankers' box labeled "Katy's shoes" in black magic marker all over the place.

The grill was put immediately to use, for chicken fajitas and all the fixin's.

The box of shoes was opened with great curiosity. These were shoes I had not seen since the summer of 1999. They had been hiding, deep in the basement storeroom somewhere, ever since I left to study abroad and couldn't take them with me.

I had searched high and low for this particular box, but never found it. Until it arrived on my doorstep yesterday. The explanation? Dad has been cleaning out the storeroom, and now Mom is sending us our stuff. Alas, I am attempting to de-crap the house, but there is more stuff arriving from Mom, attempting to de-crap her house. LOL.

Anyways. Today I am wearing a pair of those shoes. Boots, rather, for which I have been looking for years!

It's a pair of royal blue doc martin boots I bought in London, the first time I ever voyaged to those fair, British isles. Our family went with Aunt Fran and her church choir on their tour of England and Scotland during the summer of 1998. Will and I sang with the choir; Mom and Dad were just along for the ride.

The boots are soooo comfy. :) I'll put a picture up, later.

03 April 2006


mom found her rings! in a bag of stuff somewhere. yay!

oh, sally d ...

I was talking to my mom earlier this afternoon, and she was stressing out because she couldn't find her rings. She wears her mother's wedding ring and an anniversary ring from my dad on her right hand. Lately, they have become really loose, and have a tendency to just fall off.

Well, she was cleaning out a lot of things today (files, boxes and such) and was - as of a few hours ago - going through them again, looking for any sign of the rings. She went through the trash and the bedclothes and anyplace else she could think of.

Will just got off the phone with her, and she now thinks that they fell in the toilet when she was cleaning it, and were subsequently flushed.

I know she's upset about it, because, for example, her mom's wedding ring..that's just irreplaceable. It's not the monetary value of the piece of jewelry, but the sentimental and heirloom value.


I went to cook dinner, and was looking forward to some yummy cilantro and lime chicken...but alas.

I had bought italian parsley, instead.

oh well.

I had some nice italian parsley and lime chicken. Not quite the same, but still tasted pretty good.

30 March 2006

...go the spoils

Tuesday, I had a massage;

Wednesday, I had time off of work handed to me on a platter. And, what did I do? Used my gift certificate to Nordstrom Spa to get a pedicure;

Dang. A girl could get used to this.

Today is back to reality. In early at work. Allergist appointment. And rehearsal. Not *quite* the same as getting an aromatheraputic foot massage. But, my allergist does give me lots of free samples!


26 March 2006


well, actually now it is night time, if you want to get technical about it.

do you ever notice how dependent we've become on our electronic devices? for real...i turned my phone off today. for about 4 hours. just plain off. i was having lunch and spending time w/DGS and decided I could turn my phone off.

And wouldn't you know, as soon as I turn it back it, it was like the world had come to an end in those four hours. I hadn't barely talked to anyone in a week (busy, sick, etc), and I had 4 messages. Wha? It just made me chuckle. Mostly people leaving messages "mock" freaking out...like "OMG, your phone is OFF?!? It's the end of the world!!"


Anyways . . . lunch was nice today...and I'm glad it happened. DGS and I were both a little out of it, but it was totally worth it. We met about halfway between our respective points of origin and hung out at Black Bear talking, eating and playing hangman. I know that my weekends are getting more complicated with rehearsals and all, and I want to make the most of the times we do have.

People say that in a relationship there has to be give and take; a sort of "meeting in the middle," if you will. And if that middle happens to be at a Black Bear Diner in Suisun City...so be it :)

(they have good food, btw!)

time for bed....

25 March 2006


On Thursday, I had to take the company visa to buy some supplies for our use in our new temporary space. I went over lunch to safeway to use the card. When I returned back to the office, I put the card back in it's envelope and place that back in the file and gave the file to my boss for her to lock away into her file cabinet.

Fast forward to this evening. I went to the movies with my sibling, and we had to pay parking at one of those automated machines. I go to pull out my debit card, and lo and behold, what should I find?

The company Visa card. They are both of the same bank, and look very similar.

Which means...MY card is (hopefully) locked up at our new digs at work.

*sigh* just a testament to how stressed and out of it I've been this week, I think.

randomly sweet

shamelessly stolen from DGS

Instructions: Do a Google Image search of the following and post the first pic that comes up....

1. Your age on your next birthday

2. Your favorite color

(one of them, anyways)

3. Your middle name:


4. Your bad habit:

(not putting laundry away)

5. The last meal you ate:

(Kielbasa sandwhich at Tommy's Joint)

6. Your favorite fruit or vegetable:

7. Your favorite animal:

When I heard about these animals in 4th grade, I fell in love with them.

8. The town you live in:

9. Name of your pet:

The last pet I had was a fire-bellied newt named Fig.

10. Your first name:

11. Your last name:

24 March 2006


I'm glad it's Friday.

I'm kinda sick, though, and laid up in bed. And yet, I'm not in the mood to be bed ridden. In fact, I'm a little restless, but yet I know my body needs rest. I have been go go go go for so long, that I need a break.

Will and Ryan are going out to a concert tonight, so I'll have the place to myself. This is a rare occurance, and I usually like down time alone. But, I kinda wish I was going out to do something with people.

Rehearsal tomorrow has been cancelled, and all I have to do is a voice lesson in the morning, and also spend some time looking over other music.

What it boils down to is that it is rainy and dark outside and I am feeling lonely tonight. Not sure why...I am not usually a lonely person. Probably 'cause I don't feel too hot.

oh well. I'll go fill out some myspace surveys. lol.

23 March 2006

Random acts of Balloon Animals

So, I'm in Starbucks, and there is this guy there making balloon animals. Just a regular, office-working guy, who happens to be a clown on the weekends (he and his wife are also magicians).

I was tired, having a rough week, and I'm having coffee with my friend N. Dude asks me what I would like. And I requested a giraffe!

(I even labeled him for our move tomorrow...)

22 March 2006


I just talked to my mom and found out that someone I grew up with as a child just committed suicide.

It's an odd feeling...hard to process. I cannot count JT as a particularly close friend as of recent times...in fact, I had not seen nor spoken to him (or really anyone in his family) in several years. Which is why my feelings are somewhat...juxtaposed. He died at age 26 - my same age - and was a regular guy: he had a myspace account, college degree, and a passion for the outdoors, just like his father. My memories of JT are of a happy boy, aged 8ish, covered in frosting and sitting at our kitchen counter making candyhouses. I remember watching him grow up, even when he got to be "too cool" for our families' Christmas traditions during those intermediate teenaged years. It's hard to reconcile the boy with his death.

I remember his two younger sisters, and how they looked up to him...their badass, older brother, who would take care of them during school.

I also found out that JT's mom died last year. From alzheimers. She wasn't very old - but I had no idea that this had happened.

Please pray for John, Ashley and Katy as they mourn the passing of a son and big brother. Especially for John; he has outlived both his wife and his first-born son. I can't even imagine.

It makes my stresses seem awfully paltry, in comparason.

21 March 2006

:) preview

It's Tuesday of my crazy week!

Will is back in town.

Tomorrow I'm going to work early.

And then I'm going to Berkeley late.

Thursday is rehearsal.

Friday is Moving Day. Ack.

Saturday is voice lesson and rehearsal. And probably going to bed early :)

20 March 2006

March Madness

This weekend was super fun :) After much gnashing of teeth and flinging of clothes from the closet trying to figure out what to wear, DGS and I went to Mendocino for his cousin's wedding. The drive was GORGEOUS, and we had great music and fabulous weather to escort us on our way.

I met a whole bunch of his family all at once on Saturday. It was a tad overwhelming (I'm kinda bad with names) but fun all the same. I think maybe my favorite relative was Grandma. She's a little spit-fire, and was very sweet to me. She'd come over and whisper in my ear little stories about all the various and sundry folks at the wedding. I love old people! In high school, I used to do a lot of volunteer work with people in nursing homes, and I miss that. I'm thinking about getting back into it.

The service was slightly delayed, due to craaazy wind up on the North Coast, but once we got started, there was much cheer and happiness. Weddings are great: everyone is full of joy and glad to see each other. It's a time of celebration, reminiscing and reconnecting with friends and family.

A great deal of DGS' family (on this particular side) lives in CA, and he grew up around them. I think that's really cool. Our family was always so far from everyone, as Will & I grew up in CO and everyone else was in LA. When we were little, Mom and Dad tried to make sure we got back down South to see the family at least once a year. But, after all the grandparents passed away, and for about the last 8 years, the only time our family all gets together - generally speaking - is for weddings and funerals.

This May is Dad's 60th bday, and we're throwing a party for him in CO. Of course we'll all be there, and I'm hoping that his twin sister and her family will come, and maybe even his older brother. It would be a chance for us to see one another.

Tonight, I'm so tired. I snapped at my mom when she called, because I had just gotten home from a stressful day at work, running errands, and was trying to make dinner when she called and started fussing about cleaning out a drawer for my brother - something I had already thought about doing. It was just bad timing on her part, but I still shouldn't have snapped at her. I'll have to call her back now.

I decided to skip Bible Study tonight in favor of cleaning out the aforementioned drawer (Will gets here tomorrow); paying the money I owe on my taxes; cleaning the kitchen and regaining some of my sanity from the day. I just need some quiet.

talk about stream-of-consciousness writing. this would be it. okay ya'll, KD out.

17 March 2006

Kiss Me,

I'm Welsh, English, French, Scots, Cajun, Everything but Irish!

Happy St. Patty's Day to you all! Drink a Guinness for me! (It's Good for You).

15 March 2006

freakin' nicholas sparks

i got home tonight just in time to catch ryan watching "the notebook", and so I saw the last 10 minutes or so. and i'll tell you what...it STILL makes me cry, albeit not the gut-heaving sobs i experienced when watching it from start to finish that time with AZ.

awwww such a good movie!

14 March 2006

first aid bacon

Will used to collect bandaids as a child. Not used ones (ick), but new ones. I think it stems from the fact that he was always in the hospital or at the doctor's office. But I remember just boxes and boxes of bandaids, of all varieties: neon orange and yellow; camoflauge; glow-in-the-dark; superman; spiderman; snoopy; ninja turtles...you get the idea.

WELLLLLLL I came across the 'bacon strip' bandaids at Urban Outfitters, and HAD to get them for Will. And, lucky for him, as he just happened to have a blister on his heel. hahhhahahhhaah good times. Posted by Picasa

11 March 2006

tourist weekend

Will & Shanna are staying with me this weekend, and I am SO happy!!

We did some fun, touristy things this afternoon and had a lot of amusing experiences.

First, the weather: we left my house, and it was raining. On the Embarcadero, the sun was shining. We then went through rain, sleet, hail, almost snow, thunder, lightning and then freezing but clear all over the course of about 3 hours. Schizo, much??

My favorite sign of the night? Posted on the Hyde-Powell Cable Car:

No flatulating on crowded cable cars.

Having forgotten (d'oh) my camera, Shanna took a picture for me, so hopefully she we email it to me soon!

The best ever of the day, however, must be told in a short photo essay. We went by the new Boudin Bakery at Fisherman's Wharf, and Will subsequently fell in love with this loaf of bread:

Now, for your viewing pleasure, a short photo-essay:

05 March 2006

Music Meme

Dang I know, crazy memes.

From mathjedi:

Write down 10 bands/musicians you really enjoy, and then answer the questions which following (be honest now, don't look at the questions first!)

So, in random order:

1. U2
2. Aerosmith
3. Ella Fitzgerald
5. Cake
6. Frank Sinatra
7. Bon Jovi
8. Simon & Garfunkle
9. Marc Anthony
10. Buena Vista Social Club


-What was the first song you ever heard by 6?
wow. not sure, but probably something like "new york, new york".

-What is your favourite album of 8?
Live at Central Park

-What is your favourite lyric that 5 has sung?
"I need you here with me, not way over in a bucket seat." I like that song, it cracks me up.

-How many times have you seen 4 live?
wow. At least 10? At least!

-What is your favourite song of 7?
OOoh. Livin' on a prayer. That's the BEST karaoke song.

-What is a good memory you have considering the music of 10?
Seeing them live at the North Sea Jazz Fest with my brother in 2000. The pianist, Ruben Gonzalez was soo old, he had to be escorted on and off the stage. But when he sat at the keys, it was like he was 25 again! That was beautiful.

-Is there a song of 3 that makes you sad?
hmm. she has a song for every occasion. but i can't think of a sad one off the top of my had.

-What is your favourite lyric that 2 has sung?
"dream until your dreams come true"

-What is your favourite song by 9?
"No me conoces"

-How did you get in to 3?
Growing up around jazz at my grandmother's house.

-What was the first song you heard by 1?
ooh. No clue. But probably "with or without you" or "still haven't found (what I'm looking for)"

-What is your favourite song by 4?
Canta y Baila

-How many time have you seen 9 live?
only once. it was awesome.

-What is a good memory you have concerning 2?
seeing them in concert, and seeing all the aging groupies! ick.

-Is there a song of 8 that makes you sad?
"bridge over troubled water" makes me sad, but in a good way.

-What is your favourite album of 5?
hmmm i think their self-titled one. it's a great driving cd.

-What is your favourite song of 1?
"love rescue me"

-What is your favourite song of 10?
"dos gardenias"

-How many times have you seen 6 live?
sadly, never.

-What is your favourite album of 2?
hmmm. greatest hits, album lol Big Ones

-What is a great memory you have considering 9?
learning to salsa dance!

-What is your favourite lyric that 6 has sung?
ooh. again v. difficult. i love the song "i've got you under my skin"

-What was the first song you heard by 8?
probably "cecelia"

Saturday meme, Part II: 10:30 - 8pmish

I can only post 5 pics at a time! what? Oh well. I won't post the lowly picture of my alarm clock before I went to bed. It was early!

3/5/06 MEME Part 1: 7:00 - 10:30am

These pictures - one an hour, every hour, pretty much sum up my day. Except for those couple hours when I was watching a movie with Raina and forgot to take my camera with me! geez!

03 March 2006

Blogging adventure

Taken from Sandra: day-in-the-life-of photo journey.

One picture an hour, every hour I'm awake on Saturday, to be posted afterwards.

Want to join in the meme? Post at your own blogging area...hasta manana!

02 March 2006

I'm going to be an "aunt"!!!

My friends Jen & Henry (Jen I've known for too many years to count) are the first in our little UHBC group to get pregnant!!!!!

I got their email today and little yet-to-be-determined is due on September 10!

That kid is going to be SO spoiled by all of us "aunties" and "uncles". I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

01 March 2006

considering I lived in TX for four years and never once made it to Austin . . .

You Are Austin

A little bit country, a little bit rock and roll.
You're totally weird and very proud of it.
Artistic and freaky, you still seem to fit in... in your own strange way.

Famous Austin residents: Lance Armstrong, Sandra Bullock, Andy Roddick

Shake, shake, shake-it

I was sitting here, talking to DGS, when *bump*. Another earthquake! Wow. Twice in one day.

Don't tell my mother.

Did you feel the mountain tremble

. . . well, we're not exactly a mountain, but we are a three-story building. It's surprisingly difficult to concentrate on the phone conversation one is having when going through an earthquake. Granted, it was a small one, but we were definitely shakin'.

Exciting times here at OLA!

28 February 2006

From Plato, The Republic

Any one who has common sense will remember that the bewilderments of the eyes are of two kinds, and arise from two causes, either from coming out of the light or from going into the light, which is true of the mind's eye, quite as much as of the bodily eye; and he who remembers this when he sees any one whose vision is perplexed and weak, will not be too ready to laugh; he will first ask whether that soul of man has come out of the brighter life, and is unable to see because unaccustomed to the dark, or having turned from darkness to the day is dazzled by excess of light. And he will count the one happy in his condition and state of being, and he will pity the other; or, if he have a mind to laugh at the soul which comes from below into the light, there will be more reason in this than in the laugh which greets him who returns from above out of the light into the den.

25 February 2006

Manon Lescaut

I went to see Manon Lescaut down at West Bay Opera this evening. Raina drove up from SJ and met me there.

It was a good show . . . absolutely gorgeous music. Truly. I'd never heard Puccini's Manon story all the way through before. And, there were some beautiful moments: most notably (for me) the Act II duet in which Manon and des Grieux are reunited. It is bliss for Manon - who begs her lover's forgiveness for having run off with another, richer man, but it is torment for des Grieux. He was heartbroken - the anguish written all over his face, and oozing through his body. It was just a beautiful, real moment - one infused with emotion, and then heightened to the drama that is verismo opera.

CPT asked me to record the performance on his mini-disc. So, there I sat, the mic discreetly hidden under the flap of my messenger bag, while on the supertitle screen the words "recording devices strictly prohibited" flashed before the audience. Heh heh heh . . . my own little rebellion! Mom would be proud.

Poking around backstage afterwards, it was nice to talk to colleagues I'd not seen in a while, and make new acquaintences. Just more opportunities for networking, I suppose. There were a bunch of folks both Raina and I knew in the show, and then I also ran into the bass from the Brentwood Messiah last December (he recognized me, but it took me a minute to realize who he was under all the make-up and wigs). Not to mention that it's good to show up at performances and hobnob with the conductor and director - just to remind them of your face and that you're still in the area. In tonight's case, I like very much the conductor and the director, so it was good to see them.

Networking is a necessary evil, for any profession, I think. It's not necessarily my most favorite thing to do, unless I actually know the people in some sort of capacity. I just don't like 'small talk;' I'm not that great at it, and I don't know, I'd rather do something else!

whew. okay. I need sleep . . .

23 February 2006

slice of heaven

I love this. I want to crawl up inside this quilt and just . . . be.

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Picture puzzle

Can you "name that airport?"

I'll give you a hint:

it's one of the airports I traveled through in 2005 . . .

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