23 July 2006


I am sitting on my couch - heating pad on my neck (sore from passing out dead-tired last night and sleeping on it crooked) - I am *just* about off my post-performance adrenaline high. It pretty much takes a solid two-hours to come down off that high. I've been averaging 1am bed time this week.

All that to say -

I am having SO much freaking fun. Working with this company has been such a blessing in many ways - it really is a big family. Amazing director, conductor, A/D, stage manager, cast, crew...I mean, it really does seem a case of the "trickle down" theory: integrity at the top flowing all the way down the chain of command, and into the cast.

I have learned (and am still learning) so much each time we go on. I get to share the stage with people who have been acting and performing for years together, and I feel like a giant sponge soaking it all up.

And, there are the little things, too, like seeing our big poster at the YBCA and getting to go in the "stage door". I feel special! But one of the best things? In the program there is a little asterisk *, denoting my debut! It's such a tiny thing, but it's cool :)

And, I love that we go out in the lobby - still in costume - to greet the audience afterwards...it's a neat tradition.

ah. well, i should get to bed soon, if I can. For tomorrow is a matinee!


Math Jedi said...

well I'm glad to hear it's going well! :)

Jennifer said...

very cool. i wish i could see the show!