04 July 2011

Hot time, summer in the city

Blog! Hello! How are we today?

Since last we've spoken written, many things have happened, indeed.

1) I have been dating a wonderful man for two months (as of tomorrow, if we must be all official about it). Long-distance as we are, we're making it work. TGFS = Thank God for Skype!

2) Mom almost died a little over three weeks ago. Her heart stopped, and she face-planted onto the floor, scaring the hell out of me and Dad. Thanks to God, Dad's refresher CPR courses, the South Denver Fire and Rescue squad, a newly installed pacemaker and an intense 10 days of acute rehab, not only is she still with us she is doing well. And she got to come home yesterday. So, we are celebrating Independence Day in more ways than one around here.

3) I'm going to Brazil in November. I almost forgot about the trip, but, Mom gave me miles for a plane ticket, and I'm going with a group of friends from SF (one of whom is from there AND happens to be a travel agent...I can't wait). Looking forward to it!

4) I had my first (and so far, only) Colorado singing gig last weekend! It was fun - a concert fundraiser for a local opera company - and, well, hopefully that will lead to a few more things!

5) It's *finally* settling on me that I have moved. I knew it would take a while for that to sink in. I'm glad I moved, but I do miss my SF peeps. Lack of established peer community has been difficult. Even though I have a handful of friends here (and a couple of those close), it's not quite the same. BUT, making progress.

6) My birthday is in a week...weird! I plan on getting a massssssage...aahhhhhhhhhhhh