27 February 2007


Team Spoctopus coming in Third Place AND winning Best Small Team. Rock and Roll!!

Here is our glorious victory photo. Hopefully to be repeated this week!?

21 February 2007

Google me this . . .

I can't figure out for the life of me why my new website does not pop up as a result when I do a search under my name.

Hmmmmmmmmmmm . . .

15 February 2007

Are you freaking kidding me?

. . . how the heck am I supposed to get any work done today, when I just found out that a friend of mine from high school is on American Idol...???!?!??! He's in the top 24!

Click here for his audition and acceptance to Hollywood.

Crap. I'm going to have to start watching American Idol on a regular basis. Or, at least start taping it . . .

14 February 2007

that's amore

So I went to the grocery store directly after work today to do some shopping, and ran into a VERY busy place, indeed.

It was almost as busy as it is right before the Superbowl! Only, instead of guys walking out with cases of beer and chips, they were crouched over the card displays, roses and chocolates clutched in their arms; bottles of wine thrown in a basket with lobster and spices; balloons and teddy bears held unassumingly waiting in line.

I feel sorry for the poor guys that get off of work late - by the time they get to the store, there will be nothing left!

The whole sight made me chuckle :)

13 February 2007


So, I joined a great new small group through my church two weeks ago . . . and I loved it. Come to find out tonight that the leaders, K&C, are actually going to be moving, and no longer involved as of about April 1.
They are taking a year to travel (C has just retired) and figure out their next steps in life. I am super excited for them, albeit selfishly bummed, because I *reallly* was looking forward to getting to know them better.

oh well.

I hope the group keeps going, and I look forward to staying with it...

06 February 2007

3-2-1 chilllll

I've been trying to "chill out" this year. Whatever that entails - I
guess, just making some time for myself and not running around like a
mad woman (or, at least after I run around like a mad woman, make sure
I have some chill time). It's hard to say NO...there are too many
things I want to do!

Anyways, I went to salsa class tonight for
the first time in about 3 or 4 months. It was *so* good to see Jaime!
He really is a dear!

I've been listening to a lot of Cesaria Evora lately. She has an amazing voice...kind of the aural equivalent of a molten, bittersweet, dark chocolate souffle . . . she sings traditional Fado (very chill) songs, as well as choro and samba. Anyways, I've just been digging her music over the last week. I might do a French-Portuguese language trade off with a couple people who want to learn French (and want to teach me Portuguese). I'm playing around with the idea. I would LOVE to learn some Portuguese, it's just a matter of scheduling at this point.

peace to the out...I'll leave you with some lyrics....

Beijo Roubado
(Words: Adelino Moreira
Interpreted by Cesaria Evora)

Dizem que beijo roubado
Embora seja de amor

É crime na terra,
No céu é pecado
Faz o homem
Criminoso e pecador

Para mim está tudo errado,
Beijo roubado tem mais calor

Quantos beijos
Eu ganhei do meu amor
Eu não contei,
nem ele contou

Mas nem um beijo foi mais beijo
Que o primeiro beijo
Que eu fingi negar
E ele roubou

(Lyrics gratefully found on this site)

04 February 2007

Fergalicious . . .

If I hear Fergie singing anymore about her london bridge or any other geographic/historical landmark, I just might lose control ('just lose control'). I've had "bring sexy back" stuck in my head all day - pretty much in anticipation of going out the hip hop club I just got back from. And, I was not disappointed - mr. tiberlake did, indeed, bring sexy back, mulitiple times, throughout the course of the evening.

so, I went to this place called Suite one8one in pretty much in the tenderloin. I had reconnected with an old friend (V), and he invited me to come to one of his coworker's birthday parties there.

It's funny, because neither V nor I usually frequent these types of places. In fact, standing in line, we were both lamenting the fact that we *could* have been at the Tito Nieve, Grupo Niche, Monchy & Alexandra concert down at the Bill Graham Civic. At 33, and myself and the ripe old age of 27, V and I were definitely older than the many 21, 22 year olds living it up. We were pretty much cracking up a good chunk of the time we were there (note: his coworker was turning 23!).

I had managed to sign up for the guestlist online ahead of time (score!) so I didn't have a cover (read: cheap date!)-which was $20! yikes. Inside was a pretty cool decor which was tres ghetto fabulous. The dance floor was packed (we got a solid chuck of dance time in) but there were additional back rooms (still LOUD) with banks of couches. Sitting on the couches made for the best viewings of the "kids". I must admit though, that some of the music was realllly good. Old school hip hop and rock mashed up. Fun stuff. Or maybe I'm just old school...?

I was amused a lot of the time, but saddened by how many folks I saw literally falling down drunk. Even before midnight! It was crazy! I managed one (1!) beer and some water. Had I fallen, it would have been of my own clutzy accord. Thankfully, I did not. hahaha.

All in all...I'm glad I went! I mean, there is NO WAY I would have gone other than to meet V there. Not my (or his) scene. But it was nice to reconnect, dance a little, cut loose and just have some fun. Added bonus: I shall probably sleep very well tonight.


Maybe next time I can hit up the salsa concert...

02 February 2007

here's your sign

Sleep is a good thing. It's easy to notice when you've not gotten enough. I am feeling the effects to today of a lack of sleep. Here are a couple of my bloopers from today:

-I left the fax machine unplugged from yesterday (long story), thus making my boss crazy trying to send a fax to three different numbers;

-I replyed to the wrong coworker in an email . . . which could have been very bad, but thankfully I had restricted my comments to "HAHAH I forgot about the end…with colin powell and oj…etc…", thus prompting the aforementioned boss to ask me, "I didn't get the joke, what's so funny?"

The problem is, I cannot go to sleep. Last night was the worst this week. I tried to go to bed early (meaning 11pm), and I had gone to the gym, taken a bath with relaxing bath salts AND had my lavendar tea. As soon as I lay down, I started feeling all panicky again. ARGH.

The good news is, the shrink says I am okay...really, he's like "I don't need to see you again, unless things get to the point where you are incapacitated".

I'm starting to wonder. I *do* have some Ativan I can - and I guess, should - take when I get another attack. I have just been hesitant to do so.