22 July 2005


This is an Interactive Internet Question Game. I got it from Blackbird (who thinks I'm adorable! Thanks!)

This is how it's played:

1. If you want to play, leave a comment below saying so.
2. I'll post five unique questions to the comments section of this post.
3. You answer them in your blog.
4. In your post, you include this explanation and an offer to interview others.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Here are the questions Blackbird asked me:

1. You have a terrible rash, the lotion you need will make your entire body blue, for a week. will you use it?
Yes. But only if I can go by the alias "Smurfette" for the week. Or guest perform with Blue Man Group.

2. Snowboarding or surfboarding?
Hmmm. Despite growing up in Colorado, I've never, ever been snowboarding, so why start now? I'll go with surfboarding.

3. (you are so freakin adorable, just scanned your blog!) tell me what the perfect evening out is.
Starts off with dinner at home with a couple friends, then we meet up with a bigger group of people for salsa dancing-preferably at Cafe Cocomo-and stay as late as our feet can handle it. Post salsa, perhaps satisfy any appetite worked up with all that dancing at the Video Cafe, and then head to Ocean beach for a gaze at the stars (unless, of course, there's fog, in which case you just head home and play scrabble).

4. favorite opera? Easy: Carmen. I would LOVE to sing her!

5. sailing on a large power yacht or large sailboat? with crew of course. Large power yacht (I've never been on one! Sounds like fun!) Can the crew all be brazilian?

PS: Blackbird, NOt to worry, I'm *ALWAYS* a good girl! :)

21 July 2005

Darfur Freedom Summer Concert

Heads up San Franciscans!

From 5-7 p.m. on Thursday, July 21st, head to Justin Hermann Plaza @ Embarcadero One for a the Darfur Freedom Vigils happening all over the world. San Francisco's will be featuring local bands Tremolo, M.O.V.E., and Paradigm.

Since Feb. 2003, the government of Sudan has employed a militia known as the Janjaweed to eliminate African tribes living in Western Sudan. The Janjaweed's methods have included murder, mutilation, sexual violence, crucifixion, and the destruction of entire villages by fire. Over 400,000 people have died.

Last year at this time, Congress unanimously declared a genocide in Darfur. This year, join people throughout the U.S. and Kenya, Mexico and France as they commemorate the lives that have been lost.

The concert is co-sponsored by Golden Gate Community Church, Genocide Intervention Fund, Jewish Community Relations Council, American Jewish World Service, San Francisco Bay Area Darfur Coalition, www.stopgenocidenow.org , Stanford STAND, and the Office of Public Policy and Social Concerns, Archdiocese of San Francisco.

Next weekend, be sure to check out San Francisco's First Annual AfroFunk Festival, with proceeds going to the "Save the Children Fund" for Darfur, Sudan. The Festival will take place at the Elbo Room on July 29th and 30th.

13 July 2005

El Zocalo

Post salsa class last night, walked to El Zocalo with some of the salsa folk for a quick bite. El Zocalo serves Mexican and Salvadorian food. Cheap and tasty. I had a papusa for the first time (yum!), and tried someone elses' chilate with sweet yams, plaintains and something fried served in the side. The dinner was capped off by wandering musicians who came in a played a few tunes. Good times all around.

Check out El Zocalo: 3230 Mission Street (near 29th)

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12 July 2005


I've many different things I've wanted to post about recentlly. I guess I'll just do a patch-work quilt of subjects, here.

1. London: PRAISE GOD that my brother is safe. He, his friends, classmates, etc are all accounted for, as are the handful of friends I've over there. Hallelujah. Interestingly enough, the cabinet minister for whom he works, has just been appointed the minister for the Olympics, as well as minister for the families of the victimes of the recent bombings. Wonder if he'll be offered a more permanent job there (and if so, if he'll take it...)?

2. Only my mother could use this phrase: "Those jeans are rather butt-sprung, aren't they?" I'm not exactly sure what that means...but let's just use our imaginations, now, shall we?

3. My airport adventure, as taken from the book of AZ's airport adventures, from SFO on Friday, shall be (not so) briefly recapped here:
-Arrive at 5pm sharp for my 6:30 flight (no baggage to check)
-Discover said flight has been delayd until 10:oopm!!
-Return to terminal (I'd already been through security) to speak with a ticket agent about another flight
-Nice United lady says I can get on an 8pm Frontier flight. She prints me out a paper ticket and sends me on my way.
-United is at the far end of terminal 3. Frontier is at the farthest end of terminal 1. I walk, cheerfully whistling, through barren terminal 2 to the Frontier counter.
-Not-so-nice frontier lady tells me that, while I CAN get on the flight, I am missing a CRUCIAL signature from the United lady.
-Walk BACK through barren terminal 2 to the far end of terminal 1.
-Wait in line for 45 minutes. For a 5 second signature.
-Start back towards the desolate terminal 2, to get back to Frontier.
-En Route, am "picked up" by one of the United ticket agents. His name is Sam, he speaks several languages, has lived in SF for 25 years, hangs out with some of the Giants, might know my friend B who works for the Giants and gives me his phone number for when I return to SF. Still undecided on whether or not I'll call....(maybe email).
-Return to Frontier, wait in line and get checked in
-Head to security
-Get randomly selected for a strip search and to have all of my bags thoroughly checked (re: feminine products conveniently spilled out by the guy searching). Great.
-Finally make it to the concourse. And, happiness arrives in the form of my friend Skot, who is making his way to SoCal for the weekend.
-AFter having been walking the airport for close to 4 hours, S and I sit and have a beer, as our gates are right next to one another's.
-My flight ends up getting in late (around midnight) and my folks pick me up and we drive another 2.5 hours to the mountains. My dad snoozing in the back seat, while me and my mom chat it up in the front.