05 January 2010

Slow to anger...

Forgiveness for me comes fairly easy...I am typically not one to hold a grudge. However, if you betray my trust - and I forgive you - do not expect that trust to be instantaneously reinstated. Trust, once lost, is very difficult for me to re-extend.
I had an unfortunate experience today, and one I hope not to repeat anytime soon. Suffice to say that when I get angry - not often at all - you do not want to be on the receiving end. And this was righteous anger, but I do not like being in such a mental state as this. Forgiveness will be quick... But hurt, anger and mistrust might be around for a bit. I suppose prayer is in order. Good thing, too, or I might do something I'd regret.

01 January 2010

Where's my jetpack?

It's the future! At least, "2010" feels futuristic in the sense that it is such a weird number in a way. I mean, as a kid, I thought 2000 was waaaay in the future, and now we're an entire decade past that. Crazy!

I am way too tired and tipsy to philosophize about the year to come at the moment, so, I'll just say Happy New Year to you and yours!