31 May 2006


the last month has been a whirlwind of activity.

i went from a peformance weekend

to a wedding weekend (in minnesota)

to memorial day weekend (in colorado)

and back to sf, finally.

it's been a wonderful time, though. I got to reconnect with some dear women from college - this particular group of the four of us had not all been together since we graduated in 2001. BB got married and both mer and reagan were there to celebrate the occaison. It was a beautiful weekend, somewhat tinged with tears (both BB and Mer's fathers have passed away), but full of love and joy, as well. It made my heart glad to spend time with these folks, as we are now spread out all over the country.

this weekend, memorial day, my brother and i both went home for dad's 60th birthday. it was a tremendous occasion! mom and aunt f had enough food in the house to feed an army - and we did - for three days. We were all up in Grand Lake, CO, and there were at least 20 folks over at the house eating at any given time. As for the actual event (Saturday afternoon and evening), we probably had 60 people! Family and close friends all came up to wish my dad (and his twin sister!) happy birthday. this was more time spent with special people, whom I don't see very often.

I'll post up pictures of the "chocolate decadence" (the bday theme...)

17 May 2006

the great streaky wonder

so, in an attempt to give myself a nice fake tan thanks to neutrogena last night, this morning i woke up to a few steaky places (of course)...but in reality, not so bad! just comical right now.

that will all be fixed, though. am going to the bay club (we get free passes!) for a spray tan...yay. i forgot that had that there until i showed allison my streaky arm today and she fell out laughing and asked me 'why the hell didn't you just go downstairs to the bay club?' ummm....

now i won't look like a total striped-freak at bb's wedding :P

speaking of weddings, i got an invitation in the mail for yet ANOTHER wedding...you smu-er's out there: Cindy lou is tying the knot in June.

*another one bites the dust*
heee :)

14 May 2006


I think last nights' performance went well. There was a rumor that there were reviewers there on Friday night, so who knows? Maybe someone will have something good to say about my singing about the productions.

After the show last night, there was a cast party (only until 12:30 - our hosts had to get up early this morning). I was one of the first to arrive at the party, but I accidentally went to the neighbors house first. With all of my stage make-up on, and my hair all wacky from the pin curls. He was like "You are at the WRONG house". whoops!

I only stayed until 12, then came home and crashed until 10 this morning. I have two rehearsals today, one each for my coming gigs. May is going to be a crazy month! I'm going to Minnesota on Friday, get home Sunday; then leave the following Thursday for Colorado for 6 days.

Crazy times, but fun!

13 May 2006

Sister Christian

Greetings! Oh, this is just a preview of the nunsense to come . . . Posted by Picasa

12 May 2006

twist my arm, whay don'tcha

AZ and I are going to cruise the Greek Isles in September, in celebration of AZ's 30th bday this year! I am soooooooo excited.

We depart from Trieste, Italy and our ports of call include Ancona (It.); Myconos; Santorini; Corfu; Athens; Dubrovnic (Croatia) and return to Trieste.

I get a phone call yesterday saying that, unfortunately, due to a change in schedule, Costa Cruises cannot get us on a flight back to SFO the day we arrive back in Italy at the end of our cruise. However, Costa is pleased to provide hotel accomodations and transportation for an extra night's stay. In Venice. If that is not a problem for us, of course.

so, what you're saying is we get an extra night of our vacation. for free. in one of the most beautiful cities in the world???

!!!!!!!!!!!! um, YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

10 May 2006

Sign of the apocalypse

(I meant to post this two days ago, but was interrupted by The Rant)

Heard on the radio Monday Morning:

"Kelsey Grammer to appear as THE ANGEL OF DEATH on Nbc's show The Medium."


Does that strike anyone else as just being hilariously wrong??!

08 May 2006

ARGH rant alert

i need to go to bed, i'm exhausted, but i just need to vent first. i'm soooo freaking pissed off..well, more like just highly annoyed and frustrated (yeah well, probably combined with pms..NOT a good thing)

ack ac afj uifew ;ofjk,uiher ;owh;03

was just fine and ducky except for the fact that
a) our director is completely nuts
b) because she wants us ALL to like, magically get new shoes? what? i don't think so...not the WEEK of the performance...try giving us a month leeway eh?

ALSO what the HELL are you doing charging freaking 70 bucks a ticket to get in? dude. your company is NOT an alist company...you can't charge that much, especially for two shows which aren't really well known, and are a 'hard sell'......you wonder why you've only sold 25% of the house (25% of 2,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!) baaaad news bears.

not that i really care, except for the fact that i do have a signed contract. and, no, i did not get into opera for the paycheck...lmao. that's hilarious. but, it's the principle of it all.

DON'T call your leads in for an extra, random staging rehearsal and then turn it into voice lessons. i'm sorry...but helllll no. that is SO unprofessional. i'm not an ego maniac about my voice, but, believe you me i am quite aware of what I can and cannot do at this point in my vocal life. this might feed *your* ego to tweak us and give out little quick crutches, but it ultimately does nothing, but make your singers feel insecure and shitty. IF you're concerned about voices carrying in a large hall, hire singers with better technique, NOT 'chorus' singers. duh.

ugly ugly ugly post is what this is, but i just cannot help it, i am almost at my breaking point with these people. and, they are all actually quite nice people, they just have NO idea what the *&#$! they are doing. ack ack akc akc akc alk fjlkj

07 May 2006

a couple of you can appreciate

that I am reading this book, Duende, and on one of the first few pages is this:

"Don't worry, be khappy."

Spelled. Just. Like. That.

Me gusta!

05 May 2006

je ne chanterai jamais charlotte, mais......

bon..j'ai promis a moi-meme et aussi a lui que je n'ecrirai pas ici sur les choses qui sont pasees entre nous. alors...je dis seulement, (et bien en francias, il ny'en a pas bcp de gens que lisent ce blog qui le parle..donc...ca va ....)
mais comme j'etais entrain de dire...ouais je suis triste..mais surtout parce que avant cette heure,,,,vraiment je n'avias pas eu temps de reflechir sur tous ces choses. la journee, je travaille, et le soir je fais des repetitions. et, hier...ctait horrible, bien sur....tres dur de faire tous que je devais faire. et maintenant, jsuis seule dans ma chambre...il nya pas de bruit...tout est tranquille....et je me trouve la...pour la premiere fois les pleures se tombent. et je sais que tout se passera, mais a ce moment ... c necessaire...et, comme example..les fameux mots de Charlotte, dans l'opera Werther: "va! laisse couler mes larmes....elles font du bien, ma cherie. les larmes qu'on ne pleure pas, dans notre ame retombent, toute. et de leurs patientes goutes, martelent le coeur, triste et las. sa resistance, enfin s'epuise. le coeur se creuse et s'affaiblit. il est trop grand, rien ne s'emplit...et trop fragile tout le brise....tout le brise."

mais. heureusement je n'ai pas de repetitions ce weekend. je peux seulement "etre". toute seule....mais, pas vraiment toute seule. il ya toujours Dieu qui m'aider...Dieu qui me reponds, qui m'embracer, qui comprends tout ce qu'il est necessaire. et bien. tout se passera.....

04 May 2006


Praise the Lord - I am not 13 anymore. Too much drama.

And yet, being an adult sucks sometimes, you know?

That is all. Talk amoungst yourselves...

01 May 2006

Wheel in the sky keeps on turning

The title has nothing to do with this post, other than that's the song currently stuck in my head. Don't ask.

It's been a good weekend, but Monday morning - as they are apt to do - came too quickly.

Friday we had the first orchestra rehearsal and the players, they sound great.

Saturday morning, AZ and I had planned on going to the Ferry Building farmer's market, and taking a good walk along the Embarcadero. Cold and cloudy weather, however, kept us from doing this. So, we went to the YMCA, instead. Followed by a quick trip to TJ's. I was home by 11! Feeling so accomplished!

The rest of the afternoon was spent baking brownies for ty's bday; talking to Sandra - who was going to drive up from LA for the weekend; and resting up a little for the party that night. Sandra and Dennis arrived about the same time, as did Ryan and his ..."friend" L...and Ty and his two friends...a houseful of people!

Had dinner at Magnolia (very tasty and good beer - they make their own!) followed by Karaoke madness at the Do Re Mi. At one point, I think we had about 25 people crammed into the VIP room (for 18). But we weren't charged the extra person fee, I think because we started late (not our fault, we were there early!!). It was three hours of loud singing and wacky videos into the wee hours of the morning. Fun but come 2am, I was exhausted. I had been expecting a house full of people (8) to be spending the night, which would have been *tricky*, at best, but we ended up with only 4 of us. Not including my roommate.

Sunday was kinda brutal. Not bad, but, considering the night before, just brutal. Woke up around 9, had breakfast with everyone. Had to be in Marin for 12:15 costume fitting and rehearsal at 1pm. Well, the costume lady arrived at 12:45. The director's car broke down, and she never showed. The conductor arrived around 2. We *started* rehearsal at 3:15. I wasn't too happy about that. Alas. Once we started it was good. But until then, just a big waste of time.

I left Marin and had just enough time to run home, grab some drinks and head to AZ's house for dinner/house concert. Folk singer Miranda and sitar player Chris were the main event. And they were awesome. Sipping hot chai, sinking into the couch and listening to music. That's an evening well spent. Exhausted as I was, I drifed a little in-and-out . . .

Got home, wanted to fall asleep with my shoes on, but had the sense not to do that. Spoke to Dman and found out that he may or may not have seriously injured his wrist in a bicylce-related fall. Ack. The perils of not having insurance rear their ugly head. It sucks. Hopefully, it's not serious enough to warrant a trip to the ER later on today.

I fell asleep and dreamt that a golf-ball sized brown widow spider was crawling over me and settled on top of my right eyeball. It was horrible. And I couldn't move it away, or else it would bite and kill me.

Will tells me that people dream of spiders when they are stressed out.