20 August 2010

what a crazy summer

whew it has been (and still continues to be) a wild and crazy summer!

Sibling *finally* tied the knot last weekend, and it was a wonderful and fun family and friend-filled week and weekend! We had a blast, and I couldn't be happier for he and the new wifey.

Three weeks before that, K's lil sis got married, and it was also a wonderful family and friend-filled weekend and a beautiful occasion.

throw in several short weekend trips for work (gettysburg) and play (CO for wedding-stuff) and also a show in between all of that (ongoing through the end of August) and wow. I am counting the days to Labor Day holiday.

In other news: AZ is t-minus 2 months and counting to her big wedding date; my folks are in town this weekend to see my show; and Ty is moving to the midwest for work. Lots of folks leaving SF, actually. It's very strange. I've lived here for 9 years, and you'd think I'd be used to saying goodbye to people, but I think it just gets harder. I am not a fan, so much. Ess left for London with her beau and to start school, and P ships out this fall on deployment #2 and am hoping to get a chance to see him before he leaves.

'tis a flurry of activity!!

On a note: please pray for AZ and her family. After an already difficult year (with her father passing away, and relatives in Mexico mourning lives lost in the family related to the escalting drug wars), her 30-year-old cousin's cancer may possibly be back after two bouts in remission. Wednesday is prognosis day, and we're hoping/praying/fasting for good news. God be glorified in all things, though.