29 May 2011

Quick update

Up in the mountains...ma is home from her third hospitalization/rehab stay (hoping she can stay at home longer than a couple of weeks this time, but I'm not totally sure about that.)...have fallen madly in love with a Good Man, and though we have some geographical separation at the moment, we are working with it...CO is gorgeous in the summer...life is grand. Not without challenges, but grand all the same!

05 May 2011

I hardly remember my dreams anymore,
but what I recall is

The turn of a phrase,
The wellspring of a laugh,
The serenade of a shared tune.

He has orchestrated a
beautifully spun double-whorl
only just beginning its incline around the first

I hardly remember my dreams
and yet, I find myself eyes wide open
in the midst of one.

And I hope and pray that I stay dreaming,
lest these new found recollections of you