14 March 2010

What reeeeally not to wear

Yes, I have been imprisoned in my house low these 4 past days due to bronchitis fun. This afternoon, though, have finally been feeling more human and have thusly continued on my closet purging of clothes. On the "get rid of" list has been - sad - three suits my mom bought me for Rush week in college. Yes, that would have been for spring semester of my freshman year, 1998. And while I am quite excited that those suits actually fit me, and are in fact, a little too big on me, it was time to say goodbye.
Also on the list have been several newer, more contemporary items which simply no longer fit. For these items, I had to try on and was surprised everytime that they were too big for me now. It is weird to wrap one's brain around a significant weight-loss, and something I am still working on. Physical changes are waaaaay easier to handle for me than mental/emotional changes. I am kind of horrified now when I look at clothes that I bought 15 months ago, and realize how unhealthy I had been living there for a while. Not that clothing size determines health, but in my case, I have too many genetic factors against me to risk being so overweight- even obese at my biggest. It's eye-opening. Being tall, I've always gotten away with carrying extra weight, but now I am on a path to reaching a healthy BMI for my body. It's a hard, but good, path. Step by step....
Ok. Back to the cleaning out of the closets go I...

12 March 2010

Friiiiiiiday night hiiiigh

..... On cough meds, that is. Spent two days home in my pj's.
Been inspired to continue my closet cleaning by watching old "what not to wear" episodes. I have a long way to go, but am making baby-steps in my progress towards the excavation of my little place. When I can breathe again, I will continue along this route.
Happy weekend to all!