29 November 2006

of course . . .

I have a love/hate relationship with the Fedex/Kinko's store closest to my house.

I Love it because:
They have scanners
They have color copiers
They have pretty holiday paper
They are open late
They are open early
They are really close to my house

I hate it because:
Unfriendly people
Copier Jams
Expensive if you need to use the computer to print something off
Murphy's Law of Kinkos - something goes wrong every time I go there.

Yesterday was time for my semi-annual trip to Kinko's. By the time 6-months have come and gone, I usually have forgotten - or buried - my previous traumatic experiences at said copy establishment. So, full of holiday cheer (I was going to print some Christmas letters on pretty paper), I headed out. I *even* found my copy card from 6 months ago!

I get there. And wait. And wait. There was ONE other customer. And TWO staff members.
And it stilllll took me 20 minutes to actually purchase the pretty paper from them. WTF? So, I just opened up my packages and started printing on the paper, and finally one of them asked me if I needed something...um, yhello?

I got about 1/4 done copying, when we had a paper jam. Well, I've spent a good 1/40th of my life unjamming copiers, so no problem. Fixed! Immediately after pressing 'start' again, it jams. I tell the Kinko's lady that this is jam #2 (Wastes 4 sheets of pretty paper each time!). She fixes it.
Press start. Jam. Open to unjam. Bend back thumbnail all the way. Ouch.

Switch copiers. Resume copying.

Leave. Sigh of relief.

Go home, attend to now bleeding thumb.

So, here's looking forward to . . . about next June, when I shall (I'm sure) have more tales from the Kinko's . . .

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Math Jedi said...

ugh... that stinks. How are you?