30 July 2006

48 hours

I am - once again - in that odd place of wired and tired poat-show, but I think I'll be able to sleep in an hour. yay!

4 shows in 48 hours...that is a crazy schedule. After Friday night's show, a handful of us headed out to the St. Regis (conveniently across the street from the theater) for a drink and some laughs (and little wasabi peanuts!). Tonight, though, after two shows...I think we were all wiped and just went home. But tomorrow...post matinee, AH there is a cast party! I'm hoping to go to dinner with my parents and then go to the party.

I'm so grateful that they came out to see the show, along with my aunt. I feel bad because I've barely seen them at all this weekend (and AF leaves tomorrow afternoon), but there wasn't any way around that. Mom's coming in the morning to cook brunch(!) I'm so happy!

For some reason, something made me think about my grandmother earlier tonight backstage (Nana, mom and AF's mother). There are times when I really miss her. I think she would've loved Ruddygore. . . she knew how have a good laugh, that one...

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Math Jedi said...

hang in there... and have fun at the cast party :)