27 April 2006

it's always been my favorite ride at disney world

I stopped at the shell station on my way home from work today, where I traded in an arm and a leg for a tank of gas. I decided to run in and get a bottle of water (spring has sprung here in sf!) and went to pay.

The guy working at the station, Selvin, looked familiar. And, I realized, he was from Cafe Cocomo. I remember meeting him about a year or so ago there, and we'd danced a few times, and he'd asked for my number, but, I wasn't interested, and finally he was contented to receive an email address from me. I ran into him other times at Cafe Cocomo and we would dance a time or two. He is much shorter than me (what? i'm shocked....) but very sweet, and quite a good leader. It wa just really funny to run into him today - in a neighborhood where neither one of us lives, just out of the lights and flash of the club, and in our normal, daily routine.

It really is a small world, afterall.

24 April 2006

even more interesting

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What, me?

I have to admit, I guess, that some of the tree hugging hippy-ness of San Francisco and the greater bay area has rubbed off on me a little bit.

I'm going to the Goldman Environmental Prize awards ceremony after work today. I went last year, and it is freaking awesome. Yay!

20 April 2006


it's the last ten seven minutes of the workday, and I am falling asleep at my desk...struggling to keep with it. And the day is far from over. ack! oh well, i'll get my second wind long about 7:30 ish....!

18 April 2006

red letter day

it's been a gooood day.

will got a job today. and not just any "my-first-year-out-of-school-just-give-me-something-to-freaking-pay-the-bills" job.

but a gooood job. he officially starts work at the british consulate on monday.

i'm so proud!!!

16 April 2006

Elvis said it best

Don't you...step on my bluuuueee suede shoes.

Well, they're not really suede, but you get the point... Posted by Picasa

08 April 2006

Birthdate meme

...from mathjedi.

The original meme was to look up your birthdate at Wikipedia (minus the date) and list two events which happened on said day in history, two folks who were born and one who died.

However, I couldn't just limit myself to those parameters...so I had to pick a couple more.


1346 Charles IV of Luxembourg elected emperor of the Holy Roman Emperor
1789 Jacques Necker dismissed as Finance Minister for France for sparking the storming of the Bastille
1848 The Waterloo railway station in London opens
1859 "A Tale of Two Cities" by Charles Dickens is published
1940 WWII: Vichy France regime formally established

1274 Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland
1925 Nicolai Gedda, Swedish Tenor
1934 Giorgio Armani, Italian fashion designer
1959 Richie Sambora, American guitarist (Bon Jovi)
1975 Lil' Kim, Rapper

1688 Narai, king of Siam
1937 George Gershwin, American composer
1989 Sir Laurence Olivier, English actor

---Free slurpees at 7-11 (most locations!)---

06 April 2006

Tag, You're it!

Ok so the rules are, once you've been tagged, you have to write a blog with 6 weird facts/things/habits about yourself. At the end you need to pick 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says " you've been tagged" & tell them to read your blog.

AZ tagged me!

1. I do a great chicken impression. The Opera Chicken, we'll call her.

2. I don't speak much Spanish yet, but I CAN speak it with a Scots accent.

3. I used to play trombone in a jazz band.

4. I really love old people. They make me smile.

5. At work, my paperclips are obsessively divided and kept in separate containers: one for the small ones; one for the large ones; and a tin for the binder clips. I can't work if they are mixed in together.

6. I am in love with all things related to The Godfather.

TAGGING: Dennis, Sally, Jessica, Kenny O, Chris, and Sarah.

arse-kickers (as the brits might say . . . )

Seems that Ryan and I are notorious for getting strange boxes in the mail at our place. For example, Mom sent a vaccuum cleaner once (heavy!) and Ryan gets a beer-of-the-month case (Christmas present from his sister). Our building manager thinks we're nuts, I'm sure, as he's the one collecting the packages for us (and showing his ID for the beer each month).

Yesterday was no different.

Two boxes: one a small, outdoor George Foreman electric grill. (Said building manager: "You're mom didn't actually send you a grill in the mail did she?") and a bankers' box labeled "Katy's shoes" in black magic marker all over the place.

The grill was put immediately to use, for chicken fajitas and all the fixin's.

The box of shoes was opened with great curiosity. These were shoes I had not seen since the summer of 1999. They had been hiding, deep in the basement storeroom somewhere, ever since I left to study abroad and couldn't take them with me.

I had searched high and low for this particular box, but never found it. Until it arrived on my doorstep yesterday. The explanation? Dad has been cleaning out the storeroom, and now Mom is sending us our stuff. Alas, I am attempting to de-crap the house, but there is more stuff arriving from Mom, attempting to de-crap her house. LOL.

Anyways. Today I am wearing a pair of those shoes. Boots, rather, for which I have been looking for years!

It's a pair of royal blue doc martin boots I bought in London, the first time I ever voyaged to those fair, British isles. Our family went with Aunt Fran and her church choir on their tour of England and Scotland during the summer of 1998. Will and I sang with the choir; Mom and Dad were just along for the ride.

The boots are soooo comfy. :) I'll put a picture up, later.

03 April 2006


mom found her rings! in a bag of stuff somewhere. yay!

oh, sally d ...

I was talking to my mom earlier this afternoon, and she was stressing out because she couldn't find her rings. She wears her mother's wedding ring and an anniversary ring from my dad on her right hand. Lately, they have become really loose, and have a tendency to just fall off.

Well, she was cleaning out a lot of things today (files, boxes and such) and was - as of a few hours ago - going through them again, looking for any sign of the rings. She went through the trash and the bedclothes and anyplace else she could think of.

Will just got off the phone with her, and she now thinks that they fell in the toilet when she was cleaning it, and were subsequently flushed.

I know she's upset about it, because, for example, her mom's wedding ring..that's just irreplaceable. It's not the monetary value of the piece of jewelry, but the sentimental and heirloom value.


I went to cook dinner, and was looking forward to some yummy cilantro and lime chicken...but alas.

I had bought italian parsley, instead.

oh well.

I had some nice italian parsley and lime chicken. Not quite the same, but still tasted pretty good.