21 October 2006

vegas, baby! part the second

1. Eating - inside - at the Venetian.

2. John Travolta over our bathtub!

3. Glass ceiling art in the Bellagio.

4. Oh yeah, and I won, too!

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12 October 2006

vegas, baby

after a truly hellacious day*I am packed and ready to go to Vegas early tomorrow morning. It's my mom's 60th bday, and we are all meeting up in the crazy city for celebrating. I'm just looking forward to a mini-break and family time. and cirque du soleil...


*my thanks to AZ, my brother and sha-na-na-na for helping to keep me sane

08 October 2006

weird weekend

i was so looking foward to this weekend, because there is a TON of stuff going on in SF right now (Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, Fleet Week, Italian Heritage Parade, SF Opera Simulcast . . . the list goes on and on).

Instead, I've been not well....but I've no idea what's wrong with me.

I got home Friday afterwork and was so achy/fever-ish feeling, I passed out on the couch fully clothed (including shoes). My wonderful sibling was so kind as to bring me a thermometer & lots of gatorade from the grocery store. At first I thought it might have been related to the tetanus booster I got on Thursday, but after talking to the doc at UCSF, that shouldn't be the cause of my illness.

Saturday morning I slept - still low grade fever - and attempted to make it to my voice lesson in Oakland. I got as far as my car, sat in it for 5 minutes, then got out and went back inside to bed. I spend all day there, until last night when I was determined NOT to miss my Berkeley Opera audition (my throat is fine...it's the rest of my body that's rebelling right now).

The audition went well enough that I have a callback this afternoon. I'm no longer feeling fevered, really, but my stomach kind of hurts. I don't know what's wrong with me! ack! I know I can sometimes be a hypochondriac...but not all of the time.

I'll try and get an appointment for tomorrow, I guess.

05 October 2006

Lightning fast

Oh my gosh . . ! It's that time of year again!

In our newly renovated office space, I now have a view, which means I don't have to run into my bosses office to watch those fabulous Blue Angels zoom over Alcatraz.


04 October 2006

Gmail - RE: what was that song? help!

Lily over at the XM radio Watercolors station...she is my hero!

And this is why:

02 October 2006

family files, part 549

Newly added to the vault:

My father is a good man - generous, patient, wise, loving - and pretty much impossible to shop for. (Sorry 'bout that dangling preposition, there...)

Sure, he collects certain things - keychains, postcards, model airplanes & vintage Delta Airlines swag. But, to truly get him something out-of-the-ordinary...something he *really* would like...therein lies the difficulty.

Cue today. I was on the phone with my mom, when dad suddenly pops in and excitedly picks up the phone. He has found something he wants for Christmas (that is not the usual socks or dark chocolate he loves so much). Newishly possesed of XM radio in his vehicle, he has discovered their "Smooth Jazz" station, channel #71 aka 'Watercolors'.
He says to me, "Hey, Miss Priss, I know what I want for Christmas, but it will take some mystery-solving on your part. I heard a song I LOVED on Watercolors, once today and once back in July, and I would love that album if you can find it. It's piano mostly, maybe a little orchestra and sometimes a choir...it's O Happy Day. With a rocketing piano. I don't know what it's called or who sings it or anything, but they played it today around 5:20pm."

He hhehehehe...it just made me laugh, because my dad is pretty easy to please, and when he mentions something so specific as this, well, it's fun. I've commenced my research, signed up for my free 3-day xm trial and have written the Watercolors' DJ with my question. Hopefully I'll get a reply!