19 August 2006

Mental pictures

I saw many fun things in my adventures (thus far) today:

SEEN: Older looking-college student (male) bend down to tie his shoelace adjust his velcro shoes.

SEEN: Cars not stopping for red lights - in Bayview, natch. wtf? (I got lost this afternoon)

SEEN: The bay in a beatiful light, while listening to awesome music, dancing and chillin' at The Ramp in China Basin (which is NOT, conveniently enough, located anywhere near Bayview).

SEEN: Woman trying to sneak 7 items into the 6-item-limit dressing room.

SEEN: Movie makers...? A band...? Some random group of quasi-famous hipsters at Cafe lo Cubano.

SEEN: Lawrence & Michael. My fabulously tall and professional dance buddies for the afternoon! yay!

SEEN: Fog.

SEEN: A fabulous red and tan leather bag. Which I left on the shelf. (Thank goodness I didn't have my wallet with me!)

SEEN: Panchito freaking out, and running into the side of his fishbowl. (I promise to post a picture of him asap).

(To be) SEEN: Jaime, Vira and friends tonight for Vira's birthday! yay!

1 comment:

Math Jedi said...

Velcro shoes... dang... I haven't seen those in 20 years or something.