29 April 2005

Is it just me, or am I sensing a theme for the week...

You're the United Nations!

Most people think you're ineffective, but you are trying to completely save the world from itself, so there's always going to be a long way to go. You're always the one trying to get friends to talk to each other, enemies to talk to each other, anyone who can to just talk instead of beating each other about the head and torso. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, and you get very schizophrenic as a result. But your heart is in the right place, and sometimes also in New York.
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28 April 2005

Pleasant surprise

The daily morning email check brought me a great surprise today.
Thanks to Gill for picking me as her blog-of-the-day!

I'm NOT the only one

...who gets random songs stuck in their head. For no reason whatsoever.

Witness This Fish's April 27th entry "sing a happy song".

I'm so glad I'm not the only one!!

"From my point of view," said the polyglot, "it is open to many different interpretations."

AZ and I went to see "The Interpreter" last night. I loved it (big shocker). Great film, with only a few lines that are too cheesy to be reprinted, even in this blog.

Love Sean Penn. Great in his usual on-the-brink-of-falling apart-but-must-plow-on-and-get-the-job-done-dramafest-intense-gazing-prodding-eyeballs-etc

Nicole K - love her. Strong-smart-but-in-over-her-head-with-cool-nationality-mix-and-determination-for-justice-and-peace-and-also-plays-the-flute.

And, of course, this movie made me want to drop everything and go work at the UN. Or really, just bolstered me on in the pursuit of learning languages and studying culture. Yes, they also help me in singing. (It's very frustrating to have to sing something, without really knowing what you are saying. And don't even get me started on trying to translate a language when you don't even know rudimentary grammar. Practically impossible).
And yet, it goes deeper than that for me, and always has. It's that 25-years tug-of-war that continues in my brain, my heart, my gut, between music and language. I've written about this before (see October 21st), and it is something that waxes and wanes. It is a skirmish (not quite a full-scale battle) that I have to keep in check. I don't know yet how to reconcile the two parts...we'll see. I'll keep you "posted".
As for now, I've started taking Spanish classes, which I love despite the fact that half my answers come out in Italian. Ack.

25 April 2005

AA for cell phone users

"Wherever your business takes you, count on more bars in more places."

Was this tag line for Cingular conceived during a night of heavy drinking, or what?

23 April 2005

how to meet people in the city

At work we are in the process of going through stacks of resumes. Stacks and stacks and stacks which I go through because I am the Administrative Assistant and that is my job.

It's actually rather fascinating.

If there were no ethical reprecussions, I would totally cull some of these for my personal file. Some of these people look - at least 'on paper' - soo interesting! I just want to meet them, and ask them about their life experiences.

It's like dangling a carrot in front of bugs bunny, you know?

SO, here's my thought. Call it an idea for social change (albeit, a tongue-in-cheek one). You know we all carry around business cards, right? To hand out when we meet someone interesting, either for business or pleasure. Why not just carry around extra copies of a resume to hand out as well? That way, you know some background on the person, and could really decide whether or not you wanna go have coffee/drinks/dinner/business lunch. This would practically eliminate the need for smalltalk, and would give you some great conversation-starters.

I'm just suggesting....

19 April 2005

How to enjoy a Tuesday night

5:00 - 6:00 Spanish lessons in the Mission with Carrrrrlos.

6:00 - 6:25 Drive down 101 (yes, fun!) listening to drumming music.

6:30 - 7:00 Hear about AZ's crazy weekend in Seattle, while going back UP 101.

7:00 - 7:25 Head back toward the mission with AZ.

7:25 - 7:33 Circle. Look for parking. Repeat as necessary.

7:33 - 7:35 Find a spot. Parallel. 1/2 a block from destination (MCCLAA)!

7:40 - 8:45 Salsa class with AZ, J'aime [sic], Adonai (yes) et al!

8:45 - 9:00 Drive down Mission. Find *sweet* parking for dinner at...

9:00 - 9:45 ...Baobab restaurant. Drink "rose" (vodka, ginger and cranberry).

9:45 - 9:55 Double back down Mission to Mitchells.

9:55 - 10:05 Enter, taste and order ice cream. Notice the LACK of line!

10:05 - 10:30 Drive down Guerrero, Fell and Lincoln all the way to AZ's. See large, red, London-style double decker bus coming through Golden Gate Park.

10:30 - 10:45 Head home.

Thanks AZ, for a fun Tuesday night!!

09 April 2005

April fool, part II

I would like to comment on the previous post. That post was written BEFORE I saw my ex for the first time since we broke up. I was nervous about it, I think.

I don't know if any of you have been in the situation of being friends with an ex. I'm told it's rare. It's kinda nice - if not a little surreal.

We're now just playing games with each other.

And, of course, I mean that literally. I kicked his ass in Trivial Pursuit over at Albatross, and he kicked mine in scrabble. We have a rematch/tiebreaker scheduled for the near future sometime.

-I would like to point out that when spellchecking my last post, the word "blog" came up as unknown to the blogger [natch] spellchecker. Now THERE'S a proper use of irony for ya, Alanis...

-Spent an enjoyable couple hours at the Red Devil Lounge last night, hearing M.O.V.E.. They are the bomb, check out their site.

-I bought a t-shirt with Johnny Depps' picture on it. Rock on.

April fool

So I notice it's been awhile. I've even emailed myself (more than once, mind you) with things to blog about over the last two weeks. I've just not had any time!

Here is something I wrote on March 28th, unedited and posted here for posterity:

"The bottom line? Don't deny your feelings; deal with them. Attraction is a megawatt force that can sweep away your good sense, and even your values. That's why you need to respect how powerful chemistry truly is, and work as hard as you can to avoid letting your physical desires unravel your life."
The above was taken from this article

So, i happened upon this in an MSN women article on line today, and it just struck me.....b/c i know exactly what it means. For a long time, i thought i wasn't prone to this -- i mean, c'mon how stupid is that?
maybe i just didn't believe in something so powerful as just unbridled animal attraction -- all that talk of pheromones and stuff? you know....

a few posts ago, i let loose a torrent of french. towards the end i said (for those who can't read french -- and even if you can, it was written hastily and full of errors!) "that my head, heart, body and soul were all in a war against each other". a feeling that i have felt, perhaps, before in my life, but just not quite so strongly as at that particular moment.

in romans, paul often writes that he knows what is right --he KNOWS it, and yet, he continues to do what he does not want to do. the flesh and the spirit are opposing forces. Obiviously, the applies to the statement from the MSN article -- how, when left unchecked, physical desires can indeed unravel your life. isn't it amazing how people are wired? highly intelligent, rational beings with the capacity for greatness, genius and discovery....and yet we are completely susceptible to dissolving into piles of mush when the right person just even glances at us. crazy. and fun. a lot of the fun in life stems from the chemistry you have with others (and not just sexual chemsitry, either)....

anywho. I'm with Paul AND the article. i know that "working as hard as i can" not to let my physical nature win me over will never be enough. i will never, ever be able to work hard enough. i know myself too well to claim that. So, I will call on G's help for this. it is through His strength only. "Therefore, be transformed by the renewing of your mind..." Rom. 12.