16 July 2010

I am still here...

I am still around. Been "blogging lite" over at my new blog...which is entirely different than this one. Serves a much different purpose...mostly an outlet for photos. anyway.
I am here, gearing up for performing (we open Pirates of Penzance in two weeks) and wedding madness, part 1 (K's sister's wedding and my brother's wedding all in the next month) which means I get to spend a good chunk of time in CO! yay!
Much more going on...but...I just looked at the clock. gotta go to work! eek!

14 July 2010


Coming out of depression is interesting. On the whole, it has been a steady, slow climb up...just like a hike up a bigass hill. The views from the top are unimaginable until you get there. I can already look back to February and March and see (in retrospect) just how far down I was. A little scary.

My birthday was Sunday. It was REALLY nice and I had a lot of fun (thanks AZ). Very low-key excepting for the drama provided by the world cup with a handful of friends for brunch, soccer-watching and game playing. And I was happy to be amidst friends on that day. I didn't want to have a big blow-out party, because (for one thing) I am crazy busy this summer, and for another, I am feeling *somewhat* ...angsty? strange? weird? and a little sad... about this particular birthday, #31. Not because I feel "old," but because I can't believe that I am actually older than Katie ever will be. I used to always get to tease her about being 6-months older than me. It was a running joke that though we shared a name, she's always be the old one :)
So. It's a little strange for that to be reversed.

However - and I think this is the telling point, as far as my mental health goes - I wasn't freaking out about this birthday days in advance, losing sleep and getting panicky (as I was with, for example, Mother's Day). Somewhat saddened, yes, by the reality, but at the same time, determined to experience every day to the fullest, to get out and feel the sun on my face, and make the most of every year I get. I do not dread "getting old" . . . I will choose to relish it.

Love you, K. Miss you, still.