28 June 2005

I can't believe I forgot to post this!

San Francisco's Precious Cheese 2005 North Beach Festival was two weekends ago. It was SO fun:

-Live bands of all persuasions
-Sidewalk chalk art (my personal vote for most tacky goes to a really well done portrait of the mona lisa, with leonardo dicaprio added in beside her)
-Pizza tossing
-GREAT people watching.

HOWEVER, my hightlight (by far) was .........drumroll, please...............

Getting to meet Gianni Russo, aka Carlo Rizzi, Connie's jerk first husband, in The Godfather. I got my picture taken with him, as well as an autograph! AWESOME!!!

23 June 2005


What a crazy week. Crazy in a good way, mind you.

I have been keeping myself busy. And, really, when I stop to think about it - which, I don't really want to do, but I've just started doing - I have to ask myself why.

Why do I fill my days and nights so full that I fall into bed (too late) only to wake up still feeling exhausted? I tell myself that it is worth it; that I am enjoying my 20's in the fabulous city of SF. And, in truth, I am. I am having SO much fun.

On the other hand, I am neglecting some important things. My aparment is a currently a catastrophe. I spent a little time cleaning the main room today, but my room is a disaster. I am not being disciplined in this area. Also, I'm not staying on top of some phone calls, organizing, etc etc which I need to do.

Basically, I'm playing really hard right now (again, in a good way), and I work hard during the day, but I need more balance. I know too, that I've been neglecting my relationship with God---I just haven't been making that time a priority.

In short (or long, as it were) I often find myself confused and constantly pondering why why why am I doing this or not doing something else. And, instead of seeking answers or prayerfully submitting my questions to God, I just sit with them, or worse, force them out of my mind.

More random thoughts, not related to the more serious ones above:
1. Jazz at Pearls is a kick-ass place. You must check it out!

2. I need a good (upright) bass player in the SF area. Anyone out there know anyone? I think I'm going to put together a recital for the all, with some spanish, portugese, and possibly French (read: cabaret) music, and some straight up jazz standards. I need some instrumentalists for all of this!!

3. I had a friend send me an email, asking if I would consider marrying him so he could get his green card. WHAT? ummm....no way, man. That would be too weird. He was dead serious, too! My first reaction to reading the email was hysterical laughter. Honestly, I couldn't believe what I just read.

4. I have had several good conversations with a coworker, A, this week. Praise God for that!!

17 June 2005

My feet are killing me

...but it is worth every single aching step. Went salsa dancing tonight. It was so much fun. A random group of us went. A friend from church, a friend from Carnaval, a friend from salsa class, and even my salsa teacher came! I also ran into this guy I've met here on more than one occaision.

Lots of good dancing tonight.
M, from the metronome, is a solid leader, easy to follow, and we are in similar skill levels.

J, from MCLAA salsa on tuesday game (sadly, though, without Tio) and he is doing great! He just has to keep his confidence up, but is improving as a leader everytime I dance with him. We had a lot of fun, as he is always up for a laugh.

Jaime himself. Wow. What can I say. It is so fun - and a workout - to dance with him. Man KNOWS what to DO on the dance floor. Talk about pro, man. Gets a little crazy, but worth it!

Adam, Adam and Matt were supposed to come, but last minute had something come up. Adam, however, has expressed his sincere desire to go salsa dancing, as well as the other two guys. Oh well. Next time.

As for me, I cannot speak highly enough about going early for the class. Not only do you learn some moves, but you also meet people, whom you can dance with later.

Hasta la proxima.....

11 June 2005

Late Night Fun

Long time, no post, I know.

Thursday night, on my way to my new favorite jazz place, I was talking with a friend about age. We decided that, as mid-twentysomethings, we were now acting more like 21 year olds than we did when we were actually 21. And by acting like we were 21, I mean partying (or, staying out late) on a Monday. Or Tuesday. Or any eve before working the next day.

I've decided to embrace this fact. Sleep be damned. Well, that is, until I am walking down the street and just keel over from sheer exhaustion. Caffeine only works so much, before it starts making me feel sick.

I know I need a lot of sleep. But, at the same time, I am having a lot of fun just doing random things, seeing people, hanging out. If not now, when?

So, as a public service, here are some of my favorite late night places in SF:
Cafe Cocomo (duh).
Red Devil Lounge
Caffe Greco

Not to mention a few hidden gems from AZ. But if I told you about those, I'd have to kill you :)
I have to post this conversation I had last night. It is too funny not to.

Setting: Italian pizzaria, straight out of my favorite movies. Each table has a little jukebox. I selected "O Sole Mio", and the following conversation ensued:

*Bopsy: "Hey, isn't this Beethoven?"
Me: "pffffsshshshhthtthth (trying not to spew my food) HAHAAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA"
Bopsy: "Oh, no, wait. It was Elvis. He sang this." [true]

Hilarious. Simply HI-LAR-I-OUS. *some names have been changed*