27 December 2006

Deju vu all over again . . .

So, last week, as a result of the blizzard in Denver, hundreds of thousands of holiday travelers were stuck, due to cancelled flights in, out and through DIA. My brother was one of them. He was scheduled to leave Wednesday morning. Cancelled. A new Friday morning flight. Cancelled. Finally, he got a flight for Christmas eve night. Oakland -> Las Vegas -> Denver.

He got here, we had a lovely Christmas, and Will had even changed his return ticket to stay a few extra days in Denver, since he got in so much later than anticipated.

Well. Dad walks in from work, and he has some news. On both the Frontier and United websites (not to mention the weather channel site), there is another winter storm brewing for the Denver Metro area, including (of course) the airport. And, they are suggesting folks get out of town tonight or Thursday morning. Not (of course) Friday, when Will has a ticket. He might get stuck again.

Alas. He has tickets to the Orange Bowl in Miami for Jan. 2. We are trying to get him there!

Denver snowstorm travel advisory
United is currently monitoring a winter storm in the Denver area that may impact future travel. A travel waiver has been issued to enable customers flying in and out of Denver today through Saturday to change their travel plans.
Travel tips:
We encourage all customers flying in, out or through Denver on Thursday and Friday to consider departing Wednesday evening or Thursday morning.
If you would like to change your travel plans, consider taking advantage of United’s travel waiver that is in place through December 30, 2006, by contacting your travel agent, united.com or United reservations.
United’s lobby at DIA will open at 2:00 am on Thursday to accommodate a higher volume of customers.
Check your flight status before heading to the airport.
Check in for your flight
with EasyCheck-in Online then use united.com BagCheck at the airport.
Please review the ticket waiver information below for a full list of travel

11 December 2006


List of v.cool things from this afternoon and evening (in random order):

Guitar Hero II for PS2
Lego Star Wars II for PS2
Green Apple Books
Wacky artist/musician types
Throat Coat tea
Banana cake with Bittersweet Chocolate Icing
Ninjas (and Pirates)
Italian Slang
Christmas decorations
New friends
Old friends
Bad jokes
Good books

and last - but not least - being able to finally? fall asleep...

*not quite a real word, but I vote to start using it in my everyday vocabulary, nonetheless