19 August 2006

Mental pictures

I saw many fun things in my adventures (thus far) today:

SEEN: Older looking-college student (male) bend down to tie his shoelace adjust his velcro shoes.

SEEN: Cars not stopping for red lights - in Bayview, natch. wtf? (I got lost this afternoon)

SEEN: The bay in a beatiful light, while listening to awesome music, dancing and chillin' at The Ramp in China Basin (which is NOT, conveniently enough, located anywhere near Bayview).

SEEN: Woman trying to sneak 7 items into the 6-item-limit dressing room.

SEEN: Movie makers...? A band...? Some random group of quasi-famous hipsters at Cafe lo Cubano.

SEEN: Lawrence & Michael. My fabulously tall and professional dance buddies for the afternoon! yay!

SEEN: Fog.

SEEN: A fabulous red and tan leather bag. Which I left on the shelf. (Thank goodness I didn't have my wallet with me!)

SEEN: Panchito freaking out, and running into the side of his fishbowl. (I promise to post a picture of him asap).

(To be) SEEN: Jaime, Vira and friends tonight for Vira's birthday! yay!

15 August 2006


I have a new pet Beta Betta fish! My friend J gave him to me as a late birthday gift. Such a whimsical and fun gift. Love it!

His name: Pancho Pescado. He's so cute and reddish in color. I shall post a picture soon.

I just hope I can manage to keep him alive for a while! I haven't had a pet fish - heck a pet anything - probably since middle school!

13 August 2006

30.96647% Geek

From Jen . . . take the Geek Test. It's great fun :)

10 August 2006

Songs in the key of . . . meme

Reply and I'll give you a letter, and you have to find five songs that start with that letter and post them to your journal. (taken from mathjedi)

1. "Pa' Bravo Yo" (Pupy Santiago): This song is on the first salsa CD I ever owned - bought my junior year of high school (I had to buy a replacement last year). That CD was a big milestone for me...my introduction to what is now some of my favorite music and dance styles.

2. Pink Panther theme (Henry Mancini): What can I say? . . . that sexy, fun saxophone theme is just contagious. And who doesn't love the Pink Panther??

3. PYT (Michael Jackson): Pretty Young Thing! It's a great dance and karaoke song...classic MJ!

4. Pretty Woman (Roy Orbison): Great song and flick. Just a feel good song, always a crowd pleaser. Makes me happy! I love hearing this song when I'm driving.

5. Put Your Head on my Shoulder (Paul Anka): I went through a huge oldies phase growing up - I had this whole set of cassettes I wore down - and I've just always loved this song. It's so sweet and romantic and good for dancing. The recent cover by Michael Buble' is fun, too.

07 August 2006

Overheard: backstage edition**

-"Yeah, me and my brother were both born with four nipples! Wanna see my extra two?"

-"Ooh, you have four nipples? I just have the one extra, see?"

-"My husband is the [great?] grandson of China's last warlord. He killed a lot of people [as a warlord]."

-"I have always wanted to smush a cream pie in someone's face."

-"We'll put her puke-bucket off stage right, just in case."

-"mmmm. braiiinnnnssss."

-"We made good decisions as to which people we put in the tight pants. I've had lots of thank you's from the audience."

-"Time to tie me up, old man."

**You just can't make this stuff up, people. Truth is better (and funnier, and stranger) than fiction . . .