27 July 2007

like sand through the hourglass...

...so are the days of our lives.

not that that has anything to do with this post..really...except maybe for the late hour, and how it keeps getting later and later and I need to go to bed...but first i wanted to write down a few thoughts.

Tonight was a night of connections - old, new, established...all around it was good. I love people. I love loving people. It can be hard, sure...but the benefits greatly outweigh the detrimental parts (most of the time). And yes - I still need my "alone" time...but you get the idea.

Some of those connections happened at our first sitzprobe tonight for Pinafore. The orchestra sounds amazing - they always do, actually, with this little company. Got to see a familiar face from last year (we'll call him "junior") who plays the viola. He's the image of his father (2006's conductor)...and it's so fun to see them together. Actually, they were both there tonight. It had been a long time (a year, in fact) since I saw Jr. anywhere other than [insert social networking site here], and he always makes me laugh. Kid is funny. And his dad - well, he just always knows the right thing to say. He's very much an encouragement/encourager to me as a musician, and I am just very grateful for him in that way. I respect him and his opinion immensely.

Fast Forward to post-rehearsal. My favorite Romanian tenor had a good-bye party tonight. He leaves to move back home to Brasov on Tuesday. It was a small party, and we had wine, vodka, food, just chilling. I will miss him a good deal. We've not been friends, really, except for this year, but we just connected very well and easily. I look forward to a trip to Romania...! Also, at his party, was this mysterious girl, "Irene"...who looked too familiar. Finally, it comes out that I went to grad school with her FATHER (she's 17), and she is just here visiting the states on holiday (he is also Romanian). When I realized who she was, I just about fell out of my chair....I had heard her dad talk about her - but he moved back to Romania a couple years ago, and we've not spoken in a while....so, to see her sitting there...with her father's eyes. It was crazy. Truly - and I could only feel like this joy bubble up in me...just happiness at getting the chance to meet her, and share with her about her life, her dad, etc. It was amazing, actually.

So. Now it's 2:15am. I am truly mindblown, happy, and sad all at once. All because of love and relationship with other people. La vita e'bella....si?

21 July 2007


Ahhhhhhhhhh..........sigh of contentment.

It's been a great evening. I had a birthday party tonight. Nothing too formal - just about 20ish folks crammed into our living room from all different social circles, eating, drinking wine, making new friends (and reconnecting with old ones!)

It is a wonderful thing to be surrounded by people you love, and who love you back. The sounds of laughter and clinking glasses mixed with smiles and hugs. Even the folks who were tired after a long day (week!) of work felt at home enough to find a hidden corner and read for a bit. This is what is important to me . . . being open, welcoming, and warm; cultivating relationships - both old and new (though this gets harder as I get busier); creating an atmosphere of "home"; sharing joy and struggles with those in my tribes. It was a great night. I haven't had a party chez moi in a long time, either, so it was nice to do that again.

One note - amazingly people all pretty much left at midnight (a "decent hour"). Perhaps it is a sign that yes, I really am getting older! Well, that, and Harry Potter was released at midnight tonight. I know of at least three folks headed to apres-party at various bookstores around the bay. (I finally caved myself and ordered one on amazon.com today!)

Oh..and for those of you interested, my friend Mark's Wizardrock band - Marked as His Equal - has just released a new CD. Check out his myspace page here.

17 July 2007


It's after midnight. In fact, it's 12:15. And there are two *EXTREMELY* happy little birds. Outside of my window. Chirping away and away . . . carrying on such a lovely little conversation with one another.


my iPod's out of battery...d'oh! Earplugs???

10 July 2007


-Looking forward to 28. Should be great.
-Bastille day is Saturday. I am so excited. Every year I am like "oooh this year I'll celebrate" and I never do. But this year I am! yay.
-I just found out an ex of mine is married. Crazy! But I'm happy for him.
-I am looking foward to dinner tomorrow at Cafe Claude
-I am learning to say "yes" to the right thing(s). You'd think this would be easy for someone who has a hard time saying "no".
-God is able. God loves me.
-Go see Ratatouille. It is such a great film!
-Oh...and what may be the awesomeist celebreality show yet: Scott Baio is 45 . . . and Single. Thanks, Vh1!

08 July 2007

World views

Yesterday, on 07-07-07, the New 7 Wonders of the World were announced. This project was started by a British adventurer, who started a foundation to protect some of the world's heritage sites, which need additional funding to be restored. UNESCO can't do everything by itself, people.

So, the "new 7 wonders" were chosen by a world vote - via internet and texting. Yours truly did participate a few months ago, casting my vote for the 7/21 candidates I thought should win.

The original wonders of the world - the 7 wonders of the Ancient world" are slmost all disappeared. Only the Pyramids in Giza remain. (The 6 others being: the Lighthouse of Alexandria; the Temple of Artemis; the Statue of Zeus; the Colossus of Rhodes; the Hanging Garden of Babylon; and the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus).

The "New7Wonders" now - in random order:
Chichén Itzá (pyramid), Mexico
Christ Redeemer (statue), Brazil
The Great Wall, China
Machu Picchu, Peru
Petra, Jordan
Roman Colloseum, Italy
Taj Mahal, India

I had a conversation last night with a friend about national anthems, and how most of them are all about war, blood and guts. The conversation, naturally, turned to France, seeing as Bastille day is on Saturday (and we have plans to celebrate). So we start singing La Marseillaise at the top of our lungs, walking down Bush street. We get to the end of the second line . . . and don't remember the words. Ack. Our dreams of being able to sing along with the Frenchies a week from now were dashed.
Until now.
Can I tell you how much I love wikipedia? So! In case you're interested - and I know you are! - here are the lyrics and translation (first verse only):

Allons enfants de la Patrie
Le jour de gloire est arrivé!
Contre nous de la tyrannie
L'étendard sanglant est levé. (bis)
Entendez-vous dans les campagnes
Mugir ces féroces soldats?
Ils viennent jusque dans vos bras
Égorger vos fils, vos compagnes!

Aux armes, citoyens!
Formez vos bataillons!
Marchons, marchons!
Qu'un sang impur
Abreuve nos sillons!

Arise childen of the fatherland
The day of glory has arrived!
Against us, tyranny's
Bloody banner is raised (repeat)
Do you hear in the fields
The howling of these savage soldiers?
They are coming into your midsts,
To cut the throats of your sons, your wives!

To arms, citizens!
Form your battalions!
Let us march, let us march!
May tainted blood
Water our fields!

06 July 2007


This is a random entry. Hence the name "random laundry". Work is killllllllllin me slowly and softly today. I might. Just. Snap. so. Here we go. Let's start things off with a survey, shall we? Feel free to do the same on your blog, if you so choose to make this a meme...

1. Who took your default pic?
I don't have one on this site. (I took this from a myspace bulletin, can you tell?)

2. Exactly what are you wearing right now?
Blue jeans, white shirt, tennis shoes and a grimace.

3. What is your current problem?
Neckpain from sleeping crooked. Bronchitis remnants.

4. What makes you most happy?
Friends, family, love, laughter, music, movies, travel, foreign languages and cultures.

5. What's the name of the song that you're listening to?
streaming radio 105.7 la kalle

6. Do you like MTV?

7. Name something that annoys you about people?

Chapter 1:

1. Nickname(s)?
K, kates, daniel, sibling, grace

2. Eye color?

3. Hair Color?

Chapter 2:

1. Do you get along with your parent(s)

2. Are your parents married/separated/divorced?
married - this year makes 40

3. Do you have any Siblings?
yes, one brother


Chapter 3:

1. Ice Cream:
mint cookie

2. season:
fall, spring

3. Book(s):
Outlander series, LOTR, historical fiction, travelogues

4. Band:
u2 is my all-time favorite

5. Food:
Chicken Caesar salad

6. Drink:
Water, Tea, Coffee

7. Past time
musical activities, movies, spending time w/my friends

8. Pen color:

9. Store:
book stores, music stores

Chapter 4:

1. Write on your hand?

2. Call people back?
yes - usually

3. Believe in love?

4. Sleep on a certain side of the bed?
at home, on the left. Hotels: whichever side the alarm clock is on.

5. Any mental health issue?:
hahahha to be sure.

Chapter 5:

1. Broken a bone?
no, actually. Chipped a piece off my kneecap once, but I didn't break it.

3. Had physical therapy?
many times.

4. Gotten surgery?
wisdom teeth out; had oral surgery for that time I ran into a metal bar with my mouth in grade school.

5. taken any pain killers?
not today

6. Have you ever gone scuba diving/snorkeling?
snorkeling, yes.

7.Ever been stung by a bee?

8. Thrown up at a doctors office?

9. Sworn in front of your parents?
not often!

Chapter 6:
Who/what was the last:

1. Movie you saw in the movie theaters?
Ocean's 13...fab!

2. Person to text you?

3. Thing you touched?

4. Thing you ate?
chicken caesar salad

5. Thing you said?

6. Had a detention?

7. Person you hugged?
sibilng, probably

8. Person you kissed?

9. Person you called?

10. Person to call you?
Work call

11. Book you read?
"Pretty little mistakes" it is basically a 'choose your own adventure' book for grown-ups. *awesome*

12. Last time you cleaned your room...?
too long ago
And continuing on the random thread.
Things I'm looking foward to experiencing this weekend (trying to cram in a lot, here:
-"Gypsy Caravan" movie (only in town for one week!)
-French lesson (teaching) at Cafe Claude (never been)
-Bocce ball (learning)
-Free Candela concert @ Yerba Buena Gardens
-Kryolan's make-up sale (hopefully I'll have time to get to it)
-Ratatouille w/Sibling
And, next week is birthday week...WOW!

04 July 2007


it's laaaaaate late late late and I am awake awake awake.

it was the cup of coffee at 7pm. I forgot to ask for decaf, and drank it anyway. i though maybe because I was sick and sleepy, it wouldn't really have that much of an affect on me . . .


coffee + 3 hour nap = no sleepy time for KT. argh.

oh well.

Anywyas this evening had a lovely game night at my French student's house. Our CLG is on a summer schedule: one week study, one week social night, etc etc ad nauseum until September. It is actually quite good, because we are getting to know each other better relationally . . . which hopefully will make our study times better, as we are establishing deeper levels of trust I think. Team buidling, trust building, relationships...these things take time.

Anyways, our team won OUTBURST! And one of the funniest categories of the evening was something along the lines of other words for 'farts'. I mean. Really. It was pretty funny...and the other team only could guess 5/10 words for that category!

In other news...I finally found my camera. I had been racking my brain, trying to remember where I left it and freaking out that I lost it - I mean, I have a very photo-worthy summer coming up, what with my birthday, performances, backstage pics, vacation and a wedding all in the next 3 months. Turns out the camera was hiding in the Green Bean's glove compartment. WHEW. It ran out of battery, and I had left it hiding in there, I guess. I am relieved. I just wish I had remembered sooner, for 'rona's and my photo shoot down at Fisherman's wharf a couple weekends ago...

et finalement...je voudrais ecrire qqchose en francais maintenant. mon anniversiare arrive en qq jours...et j'ai envie d'inviter qqpersonnes chez moi..PAS bcp de personnes..mais c difficile. parce que si j'invite cette personna ci, je dois aussi inviter celle-la...etc etc etc....et vraiment, il y en a qq d'eux - de ma groupe si tu veux - qui sont...'biens'..mais nous ne sommmes pas proches amis. alors...mais c MON anniversaire, oui, et je voudrais avoir des personnes chez moi qui j'aime bien...et pas les autres qui m'ennervent. est-ce que ca c trop a demander? nous sommes tous adults...je pense...? hahahah alors, on verra, on verra....j'avais rien dire ce soir, et personnne a rien dire en ce qui concerne la soiree...alors..bon.

et maintenant...au lit!!