26 July 2006


neck is doing better, thank goodness. went to the chiropractor for some adjustments which helped a ton. that and frozen peas.

i am exhausted. i'm still in ''performance'' mode (read: 1am bedtime) despite the fact that I have to get up to work every morning. so, tonight i'm going to attempt to sleep at a reasonable hour, and I think I just might actually be able to do so.

my folks and aunt come in late tomorrow to see the show this weekend. i am so looking forward to performing again this weekend that I get all fluttery inside just thinking about it. it's been a long time since i've felt like this about singing, i think.

i've also done about 5 crosswords today...the SF chronicle and then about 4 nyt's online. (I subscribed to the crossword puzzles for a year, and am working my way through some archived puzzles). I'm working my way up through this weeks, but then have been doing Monday and Tuesday archived puzzles...you know, getting my chops up slowly to start working on Sunday puzzles.

i'm a dork, i know. but it's SO fun...it's some of the only time i have to myself, it seems. which is nice.

oh...we did get a review by SFCV. I'm not personally mentioned (doh!), but it was a very nice review indeed! I am yheppy :)

okay - time to change the laundry.


Math Jedi said...

cool! :) have fun with your family.

Sal said...

Aw!!! Wish I could be there!!! Tell the lady with the great name hi for me!!!! Sal