08 October 2006

weird weekend

i was so looking foward to this weekend, because there is a TON of stuff going on in SF right now (Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, Fleet Week, Italian Heritage Parade, SF Opera Simulcast . . . the list goes on and on).

Instead, I've been not well....but I've no idea what's wrong with me.

I got home Friday afterwork and was so achy/fever-ish feeling, I passed out on the couch fully clothed (including shoes). My wonderful sibling was so kind as to bring me a thermometer & lots of gatorade from the grocery store. At first I thought it might have been related to the tetanus booster I got on Thursday, but after talking to the doc at UCSF, that shouldn't be the cause of my illness.

Saturday morning I slept - still low grade fever - and attempted to make it to my voice lesson in Oakland. I got as far as my car, sat in it for 5 minutes, then got out and went back inside to bed. I spend all day there, until last night when I was determined NOT to miss my Berkeley Opera audition (my throat is fine...it's the rest of my body that's rebelling right now).

The audition went well enough that I have a callback this afternoon. I'm no longer feeling fevered, really, but my stomach kind of hurts. I don't know what's wrong with me! ack! I know I can sometimes be a hypochondriac...but not all of the time.

I'll try and get an appointment for tomorrow, I guess.

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Math Jedi said...

aww... hope you feel better! and good luck with your audition?