19 December 2010

Dude. And DUDE!

Dude. That's the only reaction I can have to this front page Denver Post article about my home church imploding and the subsequent lawsuit. WTF. The original break up happened two years ago, and I really cannot believe that it is now on the front page of the paper. A wound that had been - to a certain extent - healing may have just had the scab ripped off, and grit shoved into its delicate tissues. I just cannot believe all of this. CRAZY. On so many levels.


DUDE! is a happy exclamation, reserved for the wonderful time I had at the San Francisco Symphony this afternoon. Thanks to AZ, I got to attend a Messiah performance...the whole thing! So often, the work is cut - because it is lengthy - but this was a dynamic, exciting performance (and the fast tempi definitely gave it a lively bounce), and so very well executed. It was a highly musically satisfying experience. The kind of performance I expect and crave from the upper-echelon companies in SF, but which (at least in the case of SFOpera), I sometimes find to be lacking (and yes, I am a judgmental, biased audience member...I can't help it.) But this was sublime. SO wonderful. I'll have to write more later about the whole thing, but tonight I cannot focus on that. It was so lovely, though.

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