09 January 2011


I would like to start with a side note: I can't believe I've had this blog since 2004.
/end side note

It's 2011. There is a change in store for me. Many, in fact. And I am trying to "be cool" and not worry about too many details, since many of those changes are actually questions without an answer off the top of my head.

I am relocating to Denver - HOME! - over the course of the next several weeks.
No, I don't have a job. No, I don't have my own place yet. No, I don't have any firm plans as to how I'm getting from A to B.

I am headed to CO to be with my family, to help out with Mom & Dad, and generally get adjusted to this new normal of a family dynamic. After 2.5 months in the hospital, my mom is finally home and she needs a LOT of assistance. Though I am by no means going to be her 'nurse,' I'm glad to be nearer to her and to dad to help out where and when I can. As bittersweet as it will be to leave my home by the bay - where I've been for just shy of 10 years - I feel like it's (past) time for a big, physical upheaval. I don't want to be *stuck* here anymore - nor do I really want to plant any deeper roots than I already have. After three important weddings in 2010, I realized yet again that where your heart is, there is your home. And I didn't want my heart to be tied down to the East Coast, Texas or the Bay Area as are the hearts of three of my closest companions. Those are three lovely areas, but I want the freedom to go up to my beloved Rockies more often, spend time with the family, and travel *elsewhere* on my vacation time! Granted, my mother's health has not been the ideal catalyst for such a change, but it was the final push out of (back to?) the nest, as it were.

So. Vicissitudes aplenty!


Skybag said...

Sounds like an excellent plan to me, Mezzo. Very exciting! I hope the best for you...and I make it to CO much more often than I make it to CA :)

Mezzo SF said...

Thanks, J! Maybe we will meet up one of these days!

Bag Blog said...

I dreamed of the mountains last night and woke up thinking it I must be longing in my soul for them.

Changes are not easy, but I think this one will be a good one for you. I'm sure your mother is happy about the move.

labeck said...

Wow, Katy! Big changes but worthwhile ones. Family is so very important!

As someone who did the very same move six years ago this weekend (to be near my mom who was ill but is better now), I highly recommend it.

SF isn't going anywhere - you'll be able to visit it as often as you'd like :)

I imagine you made the decision after much thought and prayer. It's so not an easy choice to make.