19 February 2010

slowly but surely

...I am getting back into the blog of things...heh.

So, it's Friday of a promising weekend ahead. Tonight is comedy club night with the girls...should be fun(ny). I hope so!
Tomorrow - weather pending - hiking and a belated Mardi Gras dinner party. I'm making a king cake and jambalaya...mmmm. Sunday is church and hair cut.

LAST weekend was spent up in Seattle. I was up there with about 7 other folks from SF to celebrate a friend's 40th bday (who know lives up there) What a gorgeous city - the water and the mountains right there together is an amazing combination!! True, it rains a lot...but then everything is so green and lush, I can appreciate that. Walking around the city, I felt like I matched the people there in my outfit of waterproof coat and shoes, fleece, and jeans. Felt good.

Best news of the weekend? BFF AZ got engaged! Also, KWF's sister got engaged! SO, this year is the year of THREE BIG WEDDINGS to attend. I am so excited!!!

ANYWAY. Glad it's Friday. What are y'all doing this weekend?


Laney said...

I just read this and Yea! to KWF's sister's engagement!

Mezzo SF said...

Laney: I know!! I am so super excited!!!