16 February 2010


I've been thinking about whether or not to give something up for Lent and/or why I would be doing it.

One thing that comes to mind is giving myself an actual bedtime. That's not giving up something tangible, so to speak, but it is a sacrifice, because I just putter around at night (when I'm not in rehearsals) and waste time I could use for something else.

I might try it.

11pm on 'schoolnights' with a little leeway for Friday and Saturday evenings. hmm.


Sandra Vahtel said...

Do it! One of the best byproducts of my half-marathon training and self-imposed early bedtime is that I was so much more productive with my days when I got up earlier.

Bag Blog said...

Us country girls hit the sack pretty early - like by ten PM I'm snoring. I would think 11 would be a good curfew.