28 April 2009

shout-out to J down South

Hiiiiii!!! No. I'm not dead. I've just not posted in a while.
Here's a random list of thoughts running through my head, in random order (natch):

1. Is it time for vacation yet??
2. My parents were in town a week-and-a-half ago and I think we ate our way through SF. Wait. I *know* we did - but we had some spectacular food. Really, really wonderful restaurants.
3. I want to go hiking this weekend if the weather is nice.
4. I'm babysitting a 6-week old this coming Saturday morning for 2 hours in the morning while her parents make the drive to report for drill weekend. I'm the bridge between the gap of them leaving and the grandparents arriving. Wish me luck! I think it's early enough in the morning that she'll just sleep!
5. I've been busier than I thought I would now that I don't have any rehearsing going on. Perhaps I'm just trying to fill the time...?
6. Good coffee is sooooooo good. There is no excuse for drinking bad coffee.
7. I can't believe it is STILL snowing in CO. Wild.
8. There are many places I would like to visit this year - it's just a matter of fitting the puzzle pieces together correctly.
9. Sibling is the BEST. BROTHER. EVER. For reals, yo.
10. "tweet" makes me think of rockin' robin...not twitter.

Hope everyone out there in cyberland is doing well!


Bag Blog said...

One of these days I am going to show up in SF and have you take me to the best food places - sounds like a great time.

Buck said...

"Really, really wonderful restaurants. "

That's what I miss MOST about SFO, if friends aren't considered.

"There is no excuse for drinking bad coffee."

Ummm, yeah there is. 22 years in the AF, when it was all that was available. Bad coffee beats NO coffee, every time! ;-)

Jennie said...

Good thing I have multiple ways to track you down. :) I want to come visit and eat my way through SF... sounds like a blast!