16 April 2009

If you've not already seen it

....go watch THIS now.

Susan Boyle is *quite* talented. The song was a perfect choice (art-life-art connection); once she starts singing her presence is powerful and well...she just has a great voice! And I think part of the craze over her is the fact that we're so used to mediocrity (in the singing world) that when a voice like Susan comes along ... it's truly astounding.

I'm glad there is finally SOMEONE being acclaimed for having a great voice and NOT for being younger/prettier/richer/famouser/than [insert teeny bopper here]. Take a look at musical theater and opera stars "of yesteryear:" they had seriously great voices, and very few would probably have been considered classically "beautiful." But what they may have lacked in looks, they made up for in spades with stage presence, the ability to transform themselves into whomever they needed to be, and just plain vocal chops.
[Note: having a dose of God-given talent is only a start.]
[Second note: okay, okay, Kristen Chenowith can legitimately sing AND she looks like a Barbie Doll.]
[Third note: Maria Callas is an exception/anomaly. BUT she sounded a HELL of a lot better when she was...less cosmetically appealing, shall we say...than later on in her career after she got super skinny and just sounded like hell. I mean - sure, her acting was unparalleled, but - for my money? It's called opera SINGING for a reason, people.]
[Fourth note: too much snark - sorry. I'm done. Go listen to the clip up there. And share in the goosebumpy feeling taking over the world!]

I'm happy for Susan! I hope all of the sudden hubbub doesn't stress her out too much! :)


Anonymous said...

I totally agree.

Buck said...

The Boyle vid is sure making the rounds... she's a bona-fide phenomenon now, and rightly so.

I was gonna mention Callas, but you beat me to it, Katy. ;-)Great post!