10 January 2009

Today's my half-birthday

Who knew that Whole Foods was the place to be on a Saturday evening? I stopped there on my way home tonight to pick up some basil (making pesto for a potluck tomorrow) and the place was PACKED - at 8pm on a Saturday night. Wild, man.

But I digress.

It's somewhat strange, being at the age I am (thisclose to 30) and having so many married friends now having kids! Not strange: bad. Just strange: unknown. It's like I'm the uninitiated brownie to their girl scout. I have all the parts, pieces and knowledge of how two people can get married and have kids - but I haven't yet sold enough cookies or earned enough merit badges to have my crossing over ceremony. The gap created by friends getting married just widens that much further when said friends have their kiddos. BUT these kids I absolutely love and adore and plan on spoiling rotten (much to their parents' combined joy and chagrin, I can only imagine..heh heh!).

I had lunch today with a grad school friend whose first child is due in March. It was so fun to catch up with her - she has literally popped out (tummy-wise) since I saw her last November. I got to ask all about her pregnancy hopes, expectations and fears. I learned - also - that her national guard unit (she and her husband are both in the Air National Guard Band - that's how they met!) has been activated and her husband will deploy for a short summer stint a few months after Baby arrives. She will not be deploying with them (unlike the Army, I guess the USAF won't let spouses deploy together), but will stay behind to work her summer commitment at the base back home. That's going to be hard, but we're already praying for a smooth summer! Anyway - she's my first *close* friend actually geographically close enough for me to get to experience some of the pregnancy with her in person. And it's fun. And strange...in a good way. I just - I don't know if I will join the mommy-ranks. At least - not in the immediate future, and honestly, I don't feel the pangs of my biological clock ticking away, either. Perhaps that all magically changes when one turns 30? I don't know. Ask me in six months.

Until then, I shall enjoy my morning coffee, a nice glass of wine and the luxury of being able to sleep through the night.


Buck said...

I don't feel the pangs of my biological clock ticking away, either. Perhaps that all magically changes when one turns 30? I don't know.

It does change, trust me. Perhaps not exactly on the stroke o' 30, but change it does. Don't ask how I know... ;-)

In the meantime... just enjoy your friends and their offspring, Katy. Even though I hear ya about the disconnect that happens when your friends become part of a pairing. It's just "life..."

Bag Blog said...

I married and had my babies when I was just a baby myself. My friends were awed by my pregnancies and babies. Jesse just had her half-birthday on her way to being 27. Sometimes I get anxious for her wanting her to have a husband and babies. She wants that too, but we both have to be content with God's plan, drink some wine and sleep through the night.

Mezzo SF said...

Buck: I gladly enjoy my friends and their offspring. Especially when I don't have to change diapers! :)

Lou: Don't take this the wrong way, but you remind me of my mom in that respect :)

Anonymous said...

I was considering writing a similar post just two days ago - about how much I LOVE not having kids! Friday night, I went to the gym, went home, made dinner, and proceeded to lay in bed in the dark for 4 hours watching Ugly Betty on DVD. Because I was tired, and I could. And it was awesome. I remember thinking how thankful I was that I didn't have to attend to a screaming child. I just turned 30, and I really don't see having kids any time soon, even if I get married. I feel like I SHOULD want to at some point, but I'm ok with the fact that, at least right now, I don't. Enjoy your friends' kids and your freedom! :)