10 January 2009


Things left unsaid, undone and unfinished come to mind.
I wonder if things have changed. Or not.
I wonder if I've changed. Or not.
I wonder if you've changed. How much?
I wonder what it would be like either way. Yes/no. Plus/minus. Smiles/tears.
And I can't choose which path, because I'm not the only one choosing.
A three-legged race is not won on only two legs.

Things left unsaid. Unheard. Unrealized. Un-realized?

What if it was all a figment of my imagination?
What if I make a fool of myself? But then again - what if I don't?
Would you dare to play the fool?
Does the possibility of public humiliation in front of a private audience outweigh the constant drum of 'what-if's' inside of my skull?

Where *is* the so-called line, and shall it be breached?
Or shall it merely be danced around and upon?

Too many questions and an outcome which remains to be seen. Heard. Sensed.
Felt. Craved. Answered.
Given. Received.


Bag Blog said...

I love your thought provoking poetry.

Mezzo SF said...

Well, thanks, Lou. I don't really consider myself a poet per se, but every now and then inspiration strikes.