17 June 2008

A few of my favorite things - nature edition

  • Falling asleep to the bubbling lullaby of a mountain creek
  • The echoing of thunder over a lake . . . rolling, rolling, rolling
  • The smell of pine trees after the rain
  • The color of the sky before a snowstorm
  • The resounding quiet that comes after a snowstorm
  • The crash of ocean waves against the shore
  • Crunching acorns and leaves underfoot
  • Sunset
  • Squishing my toes in fine sand
  • Shooting stars - the best place I’ve ever been to see these was on top of a ridge (can’t remember the name) in the Blue Ridge [natch] Mountains, NC.
  • Beach bonfire on a warm night – or even on a cold night
  • Golden Aspen leaves in the fall
  • Discovering sea stars and anemones in tide pools
  • The type of algae which makes the sand ‘glow’ in the late summer/early fall at Ocean Beach

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