09 May 2008

I see dead . . . baby whales

Back at my first full day of work this week after being sick, I found it hard to concentrate. Sure, I was tired. Sure, I was digging through stacks of papers. But that wasn't it. It was the constant buzzing of orange Coast Guard helicopters flying by our windows. Okay - it wasn't as loud as the Blue Angels buzzing around overhead, but nevertheless, my coworkers and I talked about it...like..."Wow, wonder what's going on? The USCG is out in force today!"

Fast foward to a few minutes ago as I'm watching the evening news. As it happens, there is a dead baby whale washed up under a pier not that far from us. And, because of certain restrictions, the Coast Guard is not allowed to just go up under there and pull it out. Not sure what all those restrictions are...but, I guess we'll hear more about it tomorrow.

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