09 May 2008

Friday fives - Gifs of the Spirit

Have you or anyone you know:

1. ...ever experienced a prophesy (vision or dream) that came true?
Not myself...possibly someone I know has - but I'm not sure.

2. ...dreamed of a stranger, then actually met them later?
Does deja vu count? If so, then yes...I think :)

3. ...seen a wonder in heaven? (including UFO's)
Only shooting stars and magnificent sunsets.

4. ...seen a "sign" on the earth?
I've never seen crop circles, if that's the question.

5. ...experienced knowledge of another language without ever having studied it?
I have experienced someone close to me speaking in tongues. And to be quite honest, it scared the bejeezus out of me.


Wyldth1ng said...

Is bejeezus a word?

Deja vu, I think, counts.

Mezzo SF said...

It's a word now! :P
(You should just be glad I didn't start out with an "Anyways"...ha)