18 May 2008

ah, theater! And boys vs. men

Finally, we opened our show in SF this weekend...and it was wonderful. This is the company's 'hometown' so to speak, and I think most of us had a great deal of friends and family in the audience. My folks and Aunt are in town, and I had a great time seeing a bunch of friends out there, too.

Today (Sunday) will be our last performance. The ending of a show is always bittersweet: I'm always glad to have another role under my belt and over, but sad that another chapter has come to an end. By nature, this production has fostered a wonderful sense of community. Since we are a small cast, we've been able - for the most part - to get to know one another quite well. I will miss our time together...but look foward to the next adventure (for which rehearsals start Monday!) knowing that some of these same folks will also be involved in the same summer production as I. Yipee!!

So. Lots of warm fuzzies all around.

But here is something I don't understand. After we all get changed and ready to leave the theater, there is one group of folks who have decided to go out for drinks. Because my folks are in town, I decline the outing, knowing full well that the cast will be going out Sunday night for a party...and I'll join in the fun then. (Besides, I have to take care of "la voce" for the Sunday matinee.) After the wonderful wig/make-up lady helps me out of my wig, I approach a cluster of seven or so guys. It's about 11:30pm, and they are discussing where to go imbibe. And here are our conversations:

Me: "Hey, [male friend #1] would you mind walking me to xyz parking garage. I really don't feel like walking by myself through the dark park to get there. I'll drop you off wherever you need to go."

Male Friend #1(MF1): "Oh yeah, hey. Ask [male friend #2] where his car is - I'm riding with him.

Me: "Okay. Hey...MF2, are you by chance headed towards xyz garage? Can I solicit you guys for a walk to my car?"

MF2: "Uh...actually...I'm walking in the exact opposite direction."

Me: "Oh. Okay. Hey, MF3 - can you walk me to my car?"

MF3: "Oh...well don't you want to come for a drink? We're headed to xyz bar."

Me: "No...I gotta get home and see my family tonight. But I can drop you off."

MF3: "I don't know. I think we're headed out now."

....ack. What's a gal gotta do to get some gentlemanly help around here? Seriously BOYS, work with me here! I returned to the women's dressing room to collect my stuff and notice R is still around. We decide that the two of us will walk to her car together, and then she will drop me off at MY car. We end up walking out with the group headed to the bar, and just as they are going into the bar, one MAN finally turns to us and asks "Oh...do you ladies need someone to walk with you?"
As we were practically at R's car already, it was a moot point. But I'm glad someone offered.

Let this be a public service announcement: guys...do NOT let a woman even THINK about walking by herself. At night. Through a dark park. Downtown. To a parking garage.

I don't care if this IS San Francisco and women are supposedly...fiercely independent and grrrl power and all. Whatev. You will not offend the woman.
(Or at least not THIS woman.)


Wyldth1ng said...

I blame the state of California and Mothers of (against) America. All this young men these days are missing the key alpha male attributes.

If I was there, you wouldn't have needed to ask, I am an alpha male(knight).

Mezzo SF said...