20 May 2008

Mr. Postman

Mr. Postman brought me good stuff in the mail today. Oh yeah:

1. My tax stimulus check. Woot. Does it defeat the purpose if I put it towards something like...my Roth IRA? hahahhaHAHAHAHAH. Maybe. But I don't care!

2. The Babylon Blog by Glen Morris. Shout out to Lea Ann for the info. Glen's a friend of a good friend of mine in SF. We went to the same church for a while here, but at the time I only knew who he was, and didn't actually know him. (At that time, I couldn't have told you the first thing about anything taking place in Iraq or Afghanistan, either. My world was reduced to one building taking up 2 city blocks and overflowing with music students. There really was very little happening in my world outside of those four walls for like, three years.) ALL that to say. Glen turned his milblog into a book, and these are his experiences in Haditha as a Colonel with the Marine Corps Reserve. Semper Fi, Glen...I look foward to reading your account . . .

3. The latest Rolling Stone magazine. I think it's my last one, as I didn't renew my subscription. Looks like I will have to rely on Sibling from now on to clue me in to the hot new bands. He usually knows before anyone else, anyway. lol.

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