22 April 2008


I read this report about the staggering numbers of returning OIF/OEF veterans suffering from PTSD and/or depression. It makes me sick to my stomach when I stop and think about it.

And, in today's paper, this article on the state of care (or lack thereof) at the VA hospitals. Granted - perhaps it is a blanket generalization to say that each and every VA center falls under the category of "complete mess"...but, it doesn't seem that that's too far off the mark.

It doesn't matter what one's opinion of the GWOT is. We're talking about men and women - sons, daughters, brothers, mothers, etc - who have spent months and years fighting in [insert adjective/perjorative here] wars, only to come home and get the run-around when trying to get help for their wounds - both mental and physical?

That is just disgusting.


Wyldth1ng said...

From February to June the highest number of succesfull suicides happen in the military.

Many of the warning signs of depression go unnoticed because everyone feels the depression or the "alpha male/female" kicks in and dismisses it.

Mezzo SF said...

wow...I just don't know what else to say...