03 April 2008

I took this picture last weekend at Newport Beach. We had a fun - albeit very quick - trip down there. There is never a dull moment with the family.
I got there early on Saturday morning, and we hit the ground running. Went to Balboa Island and walked around/shopped and then took the very across to the peninsula, where we explored, played in the arcade (skeeball!) and had some delicous seafood. Afterwards, we walked to the beach...now. It was cold (for SoCal) a good chunk of the day. Sibling's big fleece jacket was my saving grace, since I had not thought it necessary to bring my own along.
Saturday night, when we finally returned to the hotel and Dad went to bed, the rest of us decided to hit the town. Actually, we were just looking for the movie theatre, but the lack of car and directions to any theaters prevented this from happening. So, instead, we hit up an Irish pub we found (close to the movie theater we found but at which no movies we wanted to see were playing).

It was a good decision. We had a lot of fun. And didn't cause too much trouble...HA. The funniest part, though, was the cab ride home. Our hotel was not far from the pub, but it was late, and rainy and cold. So, we ended up splitting a van cab (Mom, Sibling, S and I) with two 30-something fratboys. Here is part of our conversation:

DG#1 (Drunk Guy #1): So, where are you guys from?
Sibling: San Francisco
Mom: Colorado
DG#1: Colorado? Oh yeah? Where's that?
Me: Really? You know . . . mountains....Denver Broncos.....etc....
DG#1: Oh yeah...yeah
Me: Actually - no - it's a little beach town just a little West of here...less touristy.
DG#2: Hey - hey - we could show you all around Newport Beach! 365, 24/7 let the goodtimes roll, yeah....

Mom (getting out at the hotel): So.....you're unemployed?

Sibling starts cracking up - as he is the only one who heard her ask DG#2 that question. He promptly filled the rest of us in, though...


Prodigal Jon said...

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Rona said...

HAHAHA! I love it!