30 November 2007


Sibling comes to town tonight - his flight doesn't get in until almost midnight, but I will be there to get him! I am so glad. He just has no idea what this week has been.

During my many trips shuttling back and forth between home & the hospital in my dad's SUV, I've had the company of XM radio. I found a *ridiculous* station called "SpecialXMAS" and it's been great.

It's Christmas music. Nontraditional and comedic songs only.

For example:
Leroy the Redneck Reindeer
Santa Got A DWI
Indian 12 days of Christmas ("5 bollywood fiiiiiilms . . . ")

My favorite so far has probably been the rip off of the Bing Crosby/David Bowie Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth duet. Instead of "pa-rum-pum-pum-pum", it was "and pour me some run"...etc etc.

I've enjoyed listening and cracking up on my travels.

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Rona said...

hahaha! That pretty much wraps up MY approach to the holidays!