15 November 2007


My coworker and I had to make an "emergency" run to Copy Station today (that's a whole other story).


MM and I had two large boxes of stuff to take to Copy Station, so I drove my car down to California street. Now, during the work day, there metered parking spots on California are only for commercial vehicles. Being that my precious Volvo is NOT technically a commercial vehicle so to speak, I elected to stay in the car while MM took the boxes in.

"Do you need me to come with you?" I asked.
"No, I got it" MM said as he shut the door.

So. I find myself in the car listening to the radio, playing games on my phone, checking voicemail, etc. About 20 minutes go by. Copy Station must be a happening place today...and our copy job is quite complicated. I resume my game-playing.

20 more minutes pass.


I decided to call MM's cell phone. He doesn't answer. I wait 5 minutes. Get out of the car and
*stare* at Copy Station - a half a block behind where I'm parked. I try MM's cell again. No answer. I get back in the car. I start to think . . . and call the office.

Me: "Hi, it's [MezzoSF]. I'm still waiting for MM."

Coworker X: "What do you mean?"

Me: "Uh...I'm at Copy Station. What? Is MM THERE?"

Coworker X: "Well, yeah!"

Me: "WHAT? Put me through to him...!"

So, yeah. I sat in my car (nary a block from Tuesday's Incident) for a solid 45 minutes. For no reason. What.so.ever.

Good times.


Rona said...

HAHAHAHAHA! That sounds more productive than any 45 minutes I spent here, that's for dang sure.

math jedi said...

hmm... something like this may show up in CCL someday. :-P