14 November 2007

I know I'm stubborn, but . . .

I'm the woman with the volvo.

Tuesday was rough . . . I'm glad it's over.
Praising the Lord for:
His Mercy
My Volvo automatic locking doors
My Volvo strong-ass windows
My sibling, coworkers and friends for their support and prayers!
(Sibling and I haven't yet told the parents . . . they are under a lot of other stress at the moment. I guess if I end up testifying in court, I'll have to tell them at some point...hmmm.)


Tiffany said...

OMG - You are amazing. I hope you're taking the day off and treating yourself.

math jedi said...

wow... scary. glad you're ok.

Rona said...

My love?!?! Are you okay?! That's so scary! I can't believe you were almost carjacked!! You should be in a volvo ad. I'd buy one after this story.