16 November 2007

401 Foto Friday

According to my blogger dashboard, this is post number 401. Cool. And, as I am crazy tired from my strange week (yeah - it's also been tech week for my show...ha!), I am submitting a photo for my blog today.

Last week when I went to the dentist, she took an impression of my teeth and made this mold, so that I could have flouride trays made for me. mmm. flouride. Anyways. The office doesn't keep the clay molds onsite, because they take up too much room, so I am now the proud owner of my own set of teeth. Twice over.

Ta da:

1 comment:

Rona said...

1. I hope you leave those there so I can admire them when I come over.

2. Why do I feel like I'm at my grandpa's house?

3. You're officially the coolest person I know.