13 November 2007

Two pair

I have a show this weekend at the Herbst. It's a Harry Potter send up, and I'm playing Ivana Trump (a.k.a. The Witch Le Fay). We have our first run with costumes tonight, so I've been getting all my stuff together for that.

After much experimentation, pushing, pulling, tugging and strapping down, I now have my final costume in order:

-Long, black, low-cut dress
-Sparkly, spangly velvet cape-of-many-colors
-Sparkly, spangly costume jewelry (from my grandma)
-Black heels
-Black tights
-Platinum beehive wig (complete with bees!)
-Two pairs of socks

1 comment:

Rona said...

I don't know about you ;) but I'd have to wear different sized socks.