23 November 2007


I'm sitting by the fire right now. It is COLD here!!

Went to Borders today - found a gift for my dad (per his request) - an Ike & Tina Turner box set of CD's. I'm glad it's something he wants...other than chocolate, he's hard to shop for...

Mom and Dad are doing okay. Mom's in a bad mood though - her nervous energy and fear surrounding Dad's forthcoming surgery do not for a happy household make. I told her today that I wasn't going to last the next 2 weeks if we couldn't come to some sort of happy agreement in which she didn't take out all of her anxieties on me. Seriously. At this point - it's not even my dad I'm worried about, but my mom...ack.

Anyways. In other news, we're trying to track down a Wii...but that is no easy task!!


math jedi said...

aww... sorry about Mom's bad mood... hope the rest of the weekend goes well.

Sandra said...

Okay -- what surgery?
Also, I knew that you got your dad something Tina Turner related when you said you went to Borders -- and I didn't even read ahead!