24 November 2007


At our carols and lessons rehearsal on Wednesday, I had a conversation (with the hilarious CT) about Casseroles. Did I grow up eating them? Did I cook them now? It's a generational thing, I think - our parents and parents' parents made them often.
So - in answer to her questions, yes I did grow up eating them, but no, I had never made one myself.

We went on, talking about how bad they can be for you, as they all call for "CREAM OF [fill in the blank]" soup, cheddar cheese, and lots of starch...but also how creative one can be with casseroles...adding random things you might never think to put together.

Well. Fast forward to this morning, in my mom's kitchen. She asks me - "Do you like King Ranch Chicken?" and my response was to immediately start giggling. King Ranch Chicken is indeed one of those aforementioned casseroles. Then, my mom asked if I would please help her make them. THEM. We made THREE of them. One for lunch today, and two to freeze. I was cracking up the whole time I was grating cheese, chopping celery and opening the cans of (lo-fat) cream of mushroom soup.

I tried to explain what was so funny, but I'm not sure if I was making any sense. As soon as we finished, I sent an email to CT - I knew she'd crack up hearing the story after our Wednesday conversation.

Oh man. Good times. I can smell it cooking in the oven now...!


Rona said...

hahaha! that is SO funny! I think it's TOTALLY a generational thing. And I know whenever I hear of somebody being sick, my FIRST thought is, "I wonder if they want a casserole...?" Bring back that King Chicken Whatnot recipe--you can never have too many!

katy said...

OH and we also had squash casserole tonight too, made with the leftover sqaush. It was yummy!