22 November 2007

Sights seen

Wednesday night: ATM run to Lucky supermart. While there, saw several young bachelor types stocking up on Thanksgiving necessities: 6 packs of beer and cases of beer. Oh. And did I mention the beer?

Thursday morning (though it was so early it may as well of been Wednesday night): SFO airport. Woman running back towards security. Same woman walking back a few minutes later, suitcase now in tow. I can understand...it *was* 4:30 a.m., and I know I hadn't had *my* coffee yet, either.

Thursday mid-morning, M.S.T.: DIA airport. A string of SUV's dusted with snow, slowing winding their way along to Passenger Pick-up.

Thursday afternoon: Greenwood Village, CO. Family and Friends!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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