24 November 2007

A world away

My good friend (and Ty's cousin) P called today. He ships out for the Middle East on Monday with the Army. I'm really glad he called - it was good to talk to him for a little bit. It's weird to think that for 15 months (at least!) he's going to be in the desert somewhere, with his life on the line.

Living in SF, where there is a monthy protest against The War, I find I can be desensitized to the whole thing...I just don't even think about it anymore, because I feel like I'm constantly surrounded by anti-war, anti-American, anti-almost-everything ALL THE TIME. I guess personally, I am not *for* the war - but I *DO* support the troops.

Knowing people involved gives some perspective. Another close friends' husband is in the USAF...He is safely home - praise the Lord - and about to welcome their first child into the world!

So. I will do my best to support P as he's out there a world away . . . all we can do from home is pray, write letters and send Fudge (well - my mom's going to send fudge!). I encourage those of you who know folks in the forces to do the same...

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Rona said...

I know what you mean about the desensitization. Also, do you think a casserole would ship okay?