02 February 2007

here's your sign

Sleep is a good thing. It's easy to notice when you've not gotten enough. I am feeling the effects to today of a lack of sleep. Here are a couple of my bloopers from today:

-I left the fax machine unplugged from yesterday (long story), thus making my boss crazy trying to send a fax to three different numbers;

-I replyed to the wrong coworker in an email . . . which could have been very bad, but thankfully I had restricted my comments to "HAHAH I forgot about the end…with colin powell and oj…etc…", thus prompting the aforementioned boss to ask me, "I didn't get the joke, what's so funny?"

The problem is, I cannot go to sleep. Last night was the worst this week. I tried to go to bed early (meaning 11pm), and I had gone to the gym, taken a bath with relaxing bath salts AND had my lavendar tea. As soon as I lay down, I started feeling all panicky again. ARGH.

The good news is, the shrink says I am okay...really, he's like "I don't need to see you again, unless things get to the point where you are incapacitated".

I'm starting to wonder. I *do* have some Ativan I can - and I guess, should - take when I get another attack. I have just been hesitant to do so.

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Math Jedi said...

I haven't been sleeping either, mostly because I don't have time... I intentionally didn't go do something I wanted to do tonight because I need time to grade papers tonight (because the rest of the weekend is just that busy) and rest and go to bed on time. Hope things get better...