04 February 2007

Fergalicious . . .

If I hear Fergie singing anymore about her london bridge or any other geographic/historical landmark, I just might lose control ('just lose control'). I've had "bring sexy back" stuck in my head all day - pretty much in anticipation of going out the hip hop club I just got back from. And, I was not disappointed - mr. tiberlake did, indeed, bring sexy back, mulitiple times, throughout the course of the evening.

so, I went to this place called Suite one8one in pretty much in the tenderloin. I had reconnected with an old friend (V), and he invited me to come to one of his coworker's birthday parties there.

It's funny, because neither V nor I usually frequent these types of places. In fact, standing in line, we were both lamenting the fact that we *could* have been at the Tito Nieve, Grupo Niche, Monchy & Alexandra concert down at the Bill Graham Civic. At 33, and myself and the ripe old age of 27, V and I were definitely older than the many 21, 22 year olds living it up. We were pretty much cracking up a good chunk of the time we were there (note: his coworker was turning 23!).

I had managed to sign up for the guestlist online ahead of time (score!) so I didn't have a cover (read: cheap date!)-which was $20! yikes. Inside was a pretty cool decor which was tres ghetto fabulous. The dance floor was packed (we got a solid chuck of dance time in) but there were additional back rooms (still LOUD) with banks of couches. Sitting on the couches made for the best viewings of the "kids". I must admit though, that some of the music was realllly good. Old school hip hop and rock mashed up. Fun stuff. Or maybe I'm just old school...?

I was amused a lot of the time, but saddened by how many folks I saw literally falling down drunk. Even before midnight! It was crazy! I managed one (1!) beer and some water. Had I fallen, it would have been of my own clutzy accord. Thankfully, I did not. hahaha.

All in all...I'm glad I went! I mean, there is NO WAY I would have gone other than to meet V there. Not my (or his) scene. But it was nice to reconnect, dance a little, cut loose and just have some fun. Added bonus: I shall probably sleep very well tonight.


Maybe next time I can hit up the salsa concert...

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