31 January 2007

Seriously, part the second

We now have rules for our making of popcorn. The folks upstairs seem to not like the smell, so they bought us a new microwave, which we shall keep in our spare office and use under the following conditions ONLY:

1) Under no circumstances may anyone use the microwave in the spare office to cook or heat other food;

2) The microwave may be used no more than once a day for popcorn;

3) The window in the spare office must be left open to air the room in order to lessen the absorption of popcorn odor in the fabric walls;

4) The door to the spare office must be closed when making popcorn.


Sandra said...

Yeah no kidding WTF. Who made up these rules, anyway?

Math Jedi said...

someone has something stuck up their butt.

I was just reading your last post about the person who had the idea that Legally Blonde would make a good idea for a musical... and I thought, heck, the person who thought it would make a good idea for a MOVIE should have their movie privileges taken away too. :) Granted, I haven't seen it, though. And I don't particularly want to. I just thought that'd make a funny quote. :)